10th century DE

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5625s DE 5650s DE 5675s DE 5700s DE 5725s DE
5750s DE 5775s DE 5800s DE 5825s DE 5850s DE
5875s DE 5900s DE 5925s DE 5950s DE 5975s DE
6000s DE 6025s DE 6050s DE 6075s DE 6100s DE
6125s DE 6150s DE 6175s DE 6200s DE 6225s DE

The 10th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 5625 DE to 6249 DE.


  • 5701 DE: Lanaren is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 5701 DE: King Lanaren reveals the existence of the Relyimah to the public, and pledges to shut the organization down.
  • 5714 DE: Construction begins on a new tunnel connecting Ae'Gura and the City Proper.
  • 5714 DE: King Lanaren orders the Guilds to replace all Ages requiring outsider involvement with ones that do not.
  • 5734 DE: The tunnel connecting Ae'Gura and the City is canceled. Stone Tooth is reassigned to expansion work near the Ashem'en District.
  • 5856 DE: Construction begins on the new Lanaren District. Stone Tooth is assigned to exploration in the outlying regions of the Cavern.
  • 5903 DE: The Lanaren District is completed.
  • 5986 DE: The Relyimah is finally officially disbanded.
  • 5999 DE: Asemlef is crowned King of D'ni.