Book Assembly Island

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Book Assembly Island
Location Riven

Book Assembly Island (also referred to as Crater Island or Boiler Island) was one of five islands on the Age of Riven. Access to the island was restricted to Gehn and his closest followers.

The island appeared to be a dormant or extinct volcano. It consisted of a sloped mountain with a crater or volcanic caldera in the center. Inside the crater was a lake with a cloudy turquoise color, which suggests that it may have been rich in sulfur. Gehn harvested the volcanic energy from the lake to power the machines he had built on the island. A deep volcanic rumbling sound could be heard in the center of the lake.

Gehn transformed the entirety of the island into a facility for producing the special paper used to make books. A lumber cart brought freshly cut lumber from Jungle Island and deposited it in the wood chipper. The wood pulp would then be brought to the boiler, where it would be formed into paper. A drainpipe drained the excess water from the boiler over the edge of the island and into the ocean.

Gehn's lab was situated on the rim of the island, nestled in the rocky ridge. It was full of tools and supplies for bookmaking. Here, Gehn worked for many years to produce a functional linking book. His lab also included a furnace to incinerate his failed experiments. From his lab, Gehn also studied the unusual properties of the Age of Riven, such as the unique Rivenese water. His lab journal chronicled his work here.

The ytram, a small poisonous frog could be found in one of the caves near the lab. Gehn set out traps for the ytram, as he liked to smoke an extract from the frog in his pipe. The island's firemarble dome was also located in a nearby cave.

Book Assembly Island was connected to Temple Island by bridge, Survey Island by maglev, and Jungle Island by lumber cart.