Cate Alexander

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Cate Alexander
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Race Human

Cate Alexander was a member of the D'ni Restoration Council. Her first appearance in the Cavern was on January 3rd, 2007.[1]

She has played a key role since 2005, by getting Turner to fund the restoration effort. Her job was to make sure this effort succeeds in a timely fashion, and she has been putting pressure on the DRC to open up new areas more frequently, including the Tokotah Courtyard, the Canyon Mall and the Great Zero.

She was elected to replace Michael Engberg after his departure in June of 2007.[2] It was later revealed that she then had two votes on the council, something Marie Sutherland has stated she wasn't comfortable with.

She proposed to allow advertisements in the Cavern to alleviate funding issues, attracting much controversy until she changed her mind.[3]

Alexander resigned and left the Cavern on November 1st, 2007, stating it was a business decision.[4]


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