The Archive is a big place, so the easiest way to get to what you're looking for is to look it up directly. There is a Search box at the top right of every page where you can enter your query. Simply type in what you're after and hit Enter. You can also leave the box empty and click on the magnifying glass on the right side to bring up a screen with more advanced search options.

If the article you're looking for doesn't exist, you will be presented with a list of articles that contain your search terms, or a message that no results were found. If the article doesn't exist, you are welcome to create it.

How search works[edit]

  • Articles are searched in raw form. In other words, it searches what you see when editing an article. This means that the content of an included template will not be searched, but Archive pages specified in piped links will be.
  • Searches are performed for each word individually, even when a phrase is enclosed in quotation marks. For instance, entering "Book of Atrus" will return pages that include "Book", "of", and/or "Atrus".
  • Search is not case-sensitive, so "Ae'Gura" and "Ae'gura" both return the same results.
    • If the case matches the exact title of a page, you will be taken directly to that article, rather than the search results. You can still perform an advanced search to view a full list of pages that contain your search term.

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