Lukas Gruber

Lukas Gruber
Lukas reflects on the nature of dreams
Race Human
Portrayed by Andreas Birnbaumer

There is some confusion regarding Lukas Gruber's early history, but what is probable is that he started out as a 'fixer', someone who rose from the ranks of the displaced and disenfranchised in Europe to become a well-known procurer of desperately needed goods. Much of his dealing was said to be via the black market, however, Lukas' nickname back then – "FairTrade" – was not intended ironically. It was acknowledged, even amongst black marketers, that Gruber drew the line at trading in anything that had been acquired through human suffering or exploitation.[1]

It was Gruber that Morgan's parents – UN aid workers Robert Lapahie and Ariel Tomás – approached to protest the fact that goods reaching impoverished communities were often sub-standard. It was through his help that the situation improved, and it was on their recommendation that the UN hired Gruber to work as one of their procurement officers.

Lukas first met Morgan at UN headquarters in Geneva when she was visiting her parents.


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