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For the DRC member, see Richard A. Watson.

Richard A. WatsonRAWA—is a long-time Cyan employee, having joined during early stages of Myst's creation.

He was originally a programmer, but especially starting with Riven, he has apparently become a lot more fond focusing on D'ni aspects of the storyline instead.

Community involvement

Since the growth of the online fan community surrounding Myst, RAWA has become infamous for responding in detail to fans' questions on linking book theories, the actual workings of Rivenese water and other such complex subjects as "Dr. Watson" (probably the conceptual origin of the lately evolved IC character). He could be usually found responding on The Lysts. Some of the most frequently-asked questions are on his web site. His responses tend to surprise everyone in their amount of detail, but in a mystical way often also raise new questions.

When unable to give a proper response (especially when it would interfere with company contracts, unpublished release dates, etc.), he is notorious for responding with "Soon", "We'll see" and other such vague, pointless answers, perhaps humorously so.

Dr. Watson

Main article: Richard A. Watson

Dr. Watson is the fictional version of himself, later featured as an in-game character. Dr. Watson was the head of the D'ni Restoration Council.

The name RAWA refers exclusively to the OOC Cyan Worlds employee. IC, RAWA and Dr. Watson are two completely different persons.

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