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During A New Light, Dr. Kodama visits the Guild of Greeters' hood to report on structural analysis of the recent collapse in the Kahlo pub. He contends that the bahro are responsible. He also confirms that the symbol found when trying to rescue Wheely is similar to the one in Minkata.

(06/24 20:26:03) Trevor1013: shorah Dr. Kodama
(06/24 20:26:04) D'ean: Shorah
(06/24 20:26:10) JenLArt: Shorah!
(06/24 20:26:21) Yellowdog: Thanks
(06/24 20:26:47) JenLArt: This is a popular bevin,isn
(06/24 20:26:55) JenLArt: 't it?
(06/24 20:27:03) ireenquench: Good morning Dr.Kodama how are you?
(06/24 20:27:08) Dr. Kodama: Fine.
(06/24 20:27:17) TomahnaGuy: Thats good to hear
(06/24 20:27:20) Yellowdog: Whats the news?
(06/24 20:27:29) TomahnaGuy: doctor Kodama, what is the age Jalak?
(06/24 20:27:36) JenLArt: anyone else see the new light last night?
(06/24 20:27:36) Zymmin: Welcome to the GoG Bevin
(06/24 20:27:39) Dr. Kodama: I am not here to discuss Jalak.
(06/24 11:28:17) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(06/24 11:28:24) TomahnaGuy: Then please tell us any news you have smile.gif
(06/24 11:28:30) Dr. Kodama: I am here to give the findings of the recently completed report.
(06/24 11:28:37) Yellowdog: Great!
(06/24 11:28:42) Dark Stranger: And what does the report indicate?
(06/24 11:28:42) TomahnaGuy: Ok, then please continue
(06/24 11:28:46) Trevor1013: Cool
(06/24 11:28:47) Dr. Kodama: Regarding structural integrity of the building that collapsed last month.
(06/24 11:29:00) TomahnaGuy: I see
(06/24 11:29:03) Dr. Kodama: The building was sound. There was absolutely no previous damage.
(06/24 11:29:13) Whisper: Hi folks
(06/24 11:29:22) Dr. Kodama: Damage was not caused by any earthquake or seismic activitiy.
(06/24 11:29:33) Dr. Kodama: There is zero evidence for such a cause.
(06/24 11:29:37) Kimmie: hmmm.....
(06/24 11:29:41) Erik: By a Bahro then?
(06/24 11:29:42) TomahnaGuy: Ohh!
(06/24 11:29:46) Zymmin: then what caused the collapse?
(06/24 11:30:00) Dr. Kodama: In other words, it has been concluded that the building was structurally sound up to the point of its collapse and we do not know what caused the collapse.
(06/24 11:30:16) TomahnaGuy: What do you predict caused the collapse?
(06/24 11:30:16) Dr. Kodama: Offcially, we are not speculating on causes.
(06/24 11:30:20) Kimmie: how strange....
(06/24 11:30:21) ireenquench: Interesting. What kind of damage was it then that you deducted that?
(06/24 11:30:21) TomahnaGuy: tongue.gif
(06/24 11:30:22) Simon_Bitdiddle: Were there indications that the walls were weakened by tool or by other means?
(06/24 11:30:25) Kaelri: Can you identify the physical origin of whatever force caused the damage?
(06/24 11:30:33) Dr. Kodama: Unofficially, I think it's obvious.
(06/24 11:30:35) rosamund23: sabatoge
(06/24 11:30:39) TomahnaGuy: Bahro?
(06/24 11:30:41) Erik: I understand...
(06/24 11:30:41) Trevor1013: maybe it was the symbols?
(06/24 11:30:50) TomahnaGuy: Please say what that is Mr Kodama
(06/24 11:30:51) Ai'ron: Cheese?
(06/24 11:31:11) Dr. Kodama: The creatures.
(06/24 11:31:17) TomahnaGuy: The bahro?
(06/24 11:31:23) Yellowdog: where they Bahro for sure?
(06/24 11:31:23) Erik: who else, TG?
(06/24 11:31:28) TomahnaGuy: smile.gif
(06/24 11:31:37) TomahnaGuy: Is that definate?
(06/24 11:31:38) Dr. Kodama: As sure as we can be.
(06/24 11:31:42) ireenquench: A question... when the rescue team broke through the floor... did they by any chance damage the symbol that had been seen on the second floor in the proess?
(06/24 11:31:45) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(06/24 11:31:46) Dr. Kodama: No, it is only my opinion.
(06/24 11:31:56) Dr. Kodama: Off the record. Unofficial.
(06/24 11:31:59) TomahnaGuy: Is it determines how they did it?
(06/24 11:32:05) Dr. Kodama: I do not speak for the findings of the report.
(06/24 11:32:06) Ttreb: Dr. Kodama, did the same force also cause the original crack as caused the later collapse?
(06/24 11:32:09) Dr. Kodama: In that regard.
(06/24 11:32:11) Calliope: but why?
(06/24 11:32:26) TomahnaGuy: Have you determined the intentions of the bahro that did this?
(06/24 11:32:28) Simon_Bitdiddle: Dr. Kodama, have there been other attacks on Explorers or DRC personel? Off the record, if you like.
(06/24 11:32:38) Dr. Kodama: The symbols were gone when we broke through.
(06/24 11:32:44) Dark Stranger: I see. And how will the DRC act on this report?
(06/24 11:32:51) Dr. Kodama: No other attacks. Except for Sharper, of course.
(06/24 11:32:59) ireenquench: They were gone before?
(06/24 11:33:00) TomahnaGuy: Are there any photos of the symbols mr kodama?
(06/24 11:33:04) Yellowdog: How is Sharper?
(06/24 11:33:06) Dr. Kodama: I am not about to determine Bahro intentions.
(06/24 11:33:25) Dr. Kodama: No photos. They were gone when we arrived.
(06/24 11:33:25) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(06/24 11:33:35) Simon_Bitdiddle: Have there been any indications that the Bahro have been committing any other acts of vandalism to the extent where it poses a safety issue?
(06/24 11:33:37) TomahnaGuy: What about Engberg?
(06/24 11:33:41) TomahnaGuy: Any news on him?
(06/24 11:34:02) Dr. Kodama: There has been no news from Engberg.
(06/24 11:34:14) Dr. Kodama: I assume we will be moving on without him.
(06/24 11:34:21) TomahnaGuy: Who will replace him?
(06/24 11:34:28) Zymmin: Do you believe that he went in search of Phil Henderson?
(06/24 11:34:30) Yellowdog: I
(06/24 11:34:32) Dr. Kodama: To be determined.
(06/24 11:34:38) Dr. Kodama: No.
(06/24 11:34:40) Dark Stranger: And what other actions will the DRC be taking on this report?
(06/24 11:34:42) Kaelri: Is there a list of candidates?
(06/24 11:34:50) Ttreb: Dr. Kodama, do you have any comment on the geological changes that occurred in Delin a couple of months ago?
(06/24 11:34:57) ireenquench: So who was an eyewitness of the symbol on the second floor. Nick has descibed one to me, I would like to verify. Marie had confirmed it being there.
(06/24 11:35:05) TomahnaGuy: What of the status of Ahnonay? Have the circumstances affected its release?
(06/24 11:35:28) Dr. Kodama: Ah sorry, I'm speaking about the symbols that Wheely spoke of.
(06/24 11:35:34) TomahnaGuy: Ok
(06/24 11:35:40) Dr. Kodama: We did see a symbol when were going in.
(06/24 11:35:50) Dr. Kodama: Perhaps.
(06/24 11:35:58) Ichabod L.: Perhaps?
(06/24 11:36:02) TomahnaGuy: Hat did the symbol look like?
(06/24 11:36:05) TomahnaGuy: what
(06/24 11:36:15) TomahnaGuy: was it similar to the one in Minkata?
(06/24 11:36:19) Dr. Kodama: Ahnonay is currently on schedule.
(06/24 11:36:23) Erik: Dr. Kodama, do you have any idea what that Bahro was trying to tell by saying "Noloben"?
(06/24 11:36:25) TomahnaGuy: ok
(06/24 11:36:28) ireenquench: Ah... yes, thats the one I meant... second floor in pub and same in Negilahn. Did you see it yourself? Can I send you a drawing of it to confirm, please?
(06/24 11:36:59) Dr. Kodama: Noloben is an Age that holds signifigance to them, obviously.
(06/24 11:37:11) TomahnaGuy: Dr. Kodama what is happening in the age of Noloben?
(06/24 11:37:21) Trevor1013: something bad I'd bet
(06/24 11:37:21) Erik: But why would he tell us about Noloben?
(06/24 11:37:41) Dark Stranger: Indeed. Noloben was their age, was it not?
(06/24 11:37:54) Trevor1013: yes their home
(06/24 11:37:57) TomahnaGuy: what of the person The Dni man found on Noloben?
(06/24 11:38:10) D'ean: Kodama, does the symbol you have seen have any resemblance to the symbol in Minkata?
(06/24 11:38:22) Joshi: So how do we actually know that the Bahro come from Noloben, in terms of primary sources?
(06/24 11:38:23) Dr. Kodama: It does.
(06/24 11:38:29) TomahnaGuy: oh
(06/24 11:38:30) Yellowdog: The Great Zero will be fired up Today,.... Do we know the Ramifications that may hold and are there percautions in place for things going wrong?
(06/24 11:38:40) Dr. Kodama: What would go wrong?
(06/24 11:38:47) TomahnaGuy: Mr Kodama when was the last sighting of the man on Noloben?
(06/24 11:38:50) Ttreb: Is anyone with the DRC working on translating Bahro communications?
(06/24 11:38:51) Yellowdog shrugs
(06/24 11:38:56) Dr. Kodama: A long time ago.
(06/24 11:39:00) Dr. Kodama: No.
(06/24 11:39:03) Yellowdog: just curious
(06/24 11:39:15) Kaelri: Dr. Kodama, could you perhaps confirm that the characterization of the Bahro, Nolodeb, etc. in Cyan's production, "Myst V," are consistent with what the DRC knows?
(06/24 11:39:19) TomahnaGuy: when will we be able to see the age of Noloben?
(06/24 11:39:19) Dr. Kodama: Not in an official manner.
(06/24 11:39:22) Kaelri: *Noloben
(06/24 11:39:45) Ttreb: That seems a bit odd, if I may say so. Don't you consider it important to find out what the Bahro are trying to say?
(06/24 11:39:51) Dr. Kodama: Yes.
(06/24 11:39:57) TomahnaGuy: it may affet the restoration
(06/24 11:40:00) ireenquench: I sent you a KI mail, Dr. Kodama. If that is the symbol, please confirm.
(06/24 11:40:42) Dr. Kodama: No mail.
(06/24 11:40:59) Yellowdog: you need to log
(06/24 11:41:00) TomahnaGuy: Dr. Kodama when will be able to visit Noloben?
(06/24 11:41:02) Tai'lahr: borked KI
(06/24 11:41:09) ireenquench: Resent, its dated 05/23
(06/24 11:41:14) Joorea: Dr. Kodama, what about the new Age called Jalak ?
(06/24 11:41:23) Dr. Kodama: There are no plans to release Noloben.
(06/24 11:41:31) TomahnaGuy: why not?
(06/24 11:41:46) Dr. Kodama: Thank you for your time.