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January 16, 2003 - Dr. Kodama[edit]

It’s begun, whether we like it or not.

And since even more are probably on the way, safety is now an issue.

I’m becoming worried about the Books. Visitors are going to need to know which have been approved by us and, more importantly, which haven’t.


Dr. K.

January 20, 2003 - Victor Laxman[edit]

It should be easy for them to tell the difference – we always use those official looking D’ni book pedestals for books that we’ve approved.


January 22, 2003 - Dr. Kodama[edit]

It doesn’t seem hard for someone to put an unofficial book on an official pedestal.

How about an official stamp to signify approval?

Dr. K

January 22, 2003 - Marie Sutherland[edit]

I agree that an additional indication of approval would be beneficial. It would also serve as a reminder to explorers that if they ever find a book without the approval stamp to notify the DRC and not use the book themselves.


January 22, 2003 - Dr. Watson[edit]

Sounds good to me. Let’s get together and standardize on placement of the stamp so explorers can easily determine a Book’s approval status.

Dr. W.