Restoration phases

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The DRC uses restoration phases to describe the various stages that an Age or location must go through before it can be released to explorers. This restoration process is seperated into five "phases" or stages. As of June 28, 2007, the DRC had various Ages and Cavern locations under work.[1]


Phase 1: Initial Mapping 
During this Phase, basic maps and documents are created for the Age or location being restored. These documents are later detailed further in phase 3. Dr. Kodama is the head DRC member in charge of this phase.
Phase 2: Structural Analysis 
All structures and supports are examined for integrity and safety. Dr. Kodama also heads the completion of this phase.
Phase 3: Detailed Analysis 
The Age or location is given a thorough examination by a survey team, which creates extensive maps and additional documentation on the area. Dr. Sutherland is in charge of this phase.
Phase 4: Restoration 
This is the most extensive phase, during which all machinery is repaired, structures are secured, and cleanup is performed. Mr. Engberg is in charge of operations in this phase.
Phase 5: Limited Access 
In this final phase before completion, the Age or location is opened for limited access by authorized explorers. Dr. Sutherland oversees the operations of this phase.