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  • ...g-bottom: 5px;">{{{textoverride|'''This page documents an Archive [[GoArch:Policies|policy]].'''<br><div style="font-size: 90%;">It describes a widely accepted ...<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|{{ns:4}}|{{{category|[[Category:Archive policies|{{{sort|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]
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  • ...ed if they see it. '''Do not''' put spoiler warnings around content on the Archive, or create any templates or categories for such a purpose. The Archive is '''not''', however, a walkthrough or hint guide. While puzzles may be di
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  • ...members are expected to ensure that the Archive is kept in-line with these policies at all times. Please note that this page is a summary overview of our policies. If a specific sub-set of standards becomes too lengthy to quickly and easi
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  • | title = [[GoArch:Policies|Archive Policies]] ''{{small|Content in this section is based on policies created by [
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  • Many people who visit the Archive are unfamiliar with the wiki format. If you're reading this and are hesitan {{policies navbox}}
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  • **|Old Archive ** GoArch:Policies|Policies
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  • ...ssagebox|{{big|{{center|'''Please report all bugs found on the Information Archive here.'''}} *The Archive is not a hint guide. If you are stuck in a game and need help solving a puz
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  • ...ertain fan-created content (see below). While apocrypha is accepted on the Archive, it ''must'' be marked as such by including the {{tlx|apocrypha}} template ...ted by fans are not considered to be canon and should not be posted in the Archive. This includes:
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  • '''Disambiguations''' are used on the Archive to resolve the conflict that occurs when articles about two or more differe The Archive thrives on the fact that making links is simple and automatic: as you're ty
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  • likely, we'll want to have an article on that subject right here on the Archive. Internal links to non-existent articles are perfectly all right—in fact, ..."The '''D'ni Restoration Council''' was founded by [ Richard Watson]"—note the external lin
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  • ...a are [[w:node|node]]s in a [[w:hypertext|hypertext]] system. Envision the Archive as a giant chain—each article constitutes a single link that may be conne {{policies navbox}}
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  • The first and primary guideline of the Archive's editing policy is that ''perfection is not required—just enjoy the writ ...seriously garbled. Don't look on these contributions as hindrances for the Archive, but rather as opportunities for further expansion.
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  • '''The perfect Archive article...''' * ...uses simple and unambiguous language. Although the Archive is primarily intended for other ''Myst'' fans, it should also be readily ac
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  • ...hese can be used to group certain types of content thematically across the Archive; for example, the infobox for an Age uses the "writers" color scheme, while ...sed to create a consistent look to certain types of content throughout the Archive. These are some of the existing ways that these color schemes are being use
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  • The primary purpose of these policies is to simplify the process of choosing a name for a new article. When writi {{policies navbox}}
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  • This page provides assistance with questions about using and editing the Archive. If you're looking for help with one of the games covered by the Archive, check out the community resources available on [].
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  • Source citation is important in any factual endeavor, and the Archive is no exception. Therefore, providing references to information found in an ...o make a backup, or be sure that the thread is archived in the [ Wayback Machine], in order to ensure that it will remain accessible in
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  • Archive content is written from one of two '''points of view (POV)'''. The Archive's primary point of view is "in-cavern". This term is more broadly known as
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