Veelay Tsahvahn

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Veelay Tsahvahn
Veelay Tsahvahn01.jpg
Veelay Tsahvahn Balcony.
Name in D'ni vElA xavan
Author unknown

Veelay Tsahvahn, or "immortal soul" in D'ni, is a memorial Age. Carbon dating puts this age at a time possibly before the Garternay exodus.[1]


Veelay Tsahvahn can be accessed via a linking book on a pedestal in the Chiso Preniv library. There is also a linking book back to Chiso Preniv located to the right of the link-in point. A Nexus Terminal sits directly behind the link-in point.


The link-in point for the Age is in a large neoclassic-style stone building. A platform in the center holds a tree and a plaque that reads a prayer:
"In the rock, they lived.
In the rock, they rest.
Yahvo receive their souls."
To the right of the platform is a personal journal about the discovery of the Age. Decorated terraced courtyards lead to the roof where a set of 5 Veelay Tsahvahn In Memoriam Books sit on separate pedestals with names and biographical data on lost members of the community.

This portion of the Veelay Tsahvahn is in perpetual twilight with stars, galaxies, and a green aurora in the sky. The terraced plazas have benches surrounding central garden, water, and stone features. A long walkway borders the bottom floor of the building with scenic seating areas.