Willow Engberg

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Willow "Wheely" Engberg was the daughter of Michael Engberg, of the D'ni Restoration Council.


She appeared from time to time in D'ni during the months before the Second Restoration officially began.

She once brought down a soccer ball to the City of Ae'gura.

Explorers once gave her a tour of a few of the then recently released Museum Pods.

She was 14 years old in May of 2007 when she and her friend, Rosette, were exploring the Cavern for Marker Missions. During this time, Wheely decided to investigate a crack in the Kahlo Pub Wall that had occurred due to seismic activity. A Cave in occurred, trapping Wheely inside a Bahro Cave with a Bahro, who would murder her several days later.


Wheely was a bright girl with a bright future and well liked by everyone who met her. She was smart, and figured out an unfortunately successful trick to get people to leave the Kahlo Pub unguarded to investigate a fake crack in the Ae'gura Library.