GoArch:Fanon namespace

This project page is for organizing and discussing a new namespace for things that aren't quite canon, but which meaningfully contribute to the broader D'ni universe.

Namespace prefix[edit]

A name for this namespace has not yet been decided. Please visit the Discussion page for this project to suggest a name. Suggestions will be taken until December 25, 2017.

Acceptable content[edit]

Research topics[edit]

This covers things like the history of D'ni architecture and other such subjects which are based on canon material, but which have to take new creative liberties with the material.

Descriptions of fan-created content[edit]

Articles describing Ages created by community members (such as the Guild of Writers) are the most obvious source of material, but things like the Lara Documents would also be well-suited to this namespace.

Moderating content[edit]

This namespace has the potential to become notably contentious, especially in the event that projects within it begin to overlap and contradict one another. If necessary, new moderators will be promoted to help deal with disputes.

Agreement clause[edit]

Content posted to this namespace should ideally be required to comply with existing canon, and not contradict any fan-contributed projects that have already been posted. Generally, this namespace will operate on a first-come-first-claimed basis, with "fanon" being built out based on whatever is agreed to first. "Approved" content will receive a special banner or badge of some kind to indicate that it is part of the unofficial body of extended universe work. The process for receiving this approval/sanction will need to be defined, ideally before things get too far along. Content that does not comply with these requirements will be flagged, and if the issues are not corrected in a timely manner, it will be removed. Should Cyan add new elements to the official canon, all content that does not comply - even previously-approved content - will need to be flagged for modification.

Separate from this is the possibility for creating some sort of process that involves Cyan giving some sort of official approval to some piece of content or project. This was originally proposed back in 2008, shortly after GameTap shut down Myst Online. It was quickly put onto Cyan's infinitely-large "back burner", and RAWA developing a brain tumor has no doubt further complicated the prospects of reviving this process, but it may be worth re-proposing.


This namespace should maintain a list of individual projects and full bodies of work that cannot be posted due to artist/author request. A new email address will need to be set up to receive takedown and pre-emptive DNP requests.