Guild of Archivists (restored)

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Guild of Archivists (restored)
Short D'ni name telciso
D'ni name telok cisotantE
Established 2000 CE (9656 DE)
Guild Master Alahmnat
Guild color gold

The Guild of Archivists is a group dedicated to the documentation and exploration of D'ni history and culture. In addition, the Guild strives to provide a comprehensive resource for information about the Myst video game series.


Unofficially, the Guild of Archivists has been around since 2000, when Alahmnat launched the D'niPedia website. In 2001, the website was relocated to DPWR.NET, where it shared space with a small fan fiction repository. In 2008, Alahmnat decided to officially establish the Guild of Archivists as a group, and the Information Archive was moved to its current home at

The Guild is currently in a rebuilding phase, with most of its former members no longer active. The Information Archive is currently being moved to MediaWiki, after many years running on a variety of tools built around the website's forum platform.


Membership is open to all fans of the Myst series, especially those interested in D'ni history. Leave a message on Alahmnat's talk page, or send a message to @ArchivistsGuild on Twitter to join. Visitors do not need to be registered members of the Guild to participate in improving the Information Archive, but to reduce the risk of spam, anyone wishing to contribute must create a wiki account.