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15 August 2020

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14 August 2020

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N    16:52  Lara documents/Lara 008.001 diffhist +659 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by belford'' ---- File:Lara 008.001.png == Translator's notes == What I have done is to trace the map's features into an illustration program..."
     16:50 Upload log Alahmnat talk contribs uploaded File:Lara 008.001.png(Category:Age images Category:Maps)
N    16:24  Lara documents/Lara 004‎‎ 2 changes history+7,012[Alahmnat‎ (2×)]
16:24 (cur | prev) -2 Alahmnat talk contribs →‎Reghahrovaht
13:30 (cur | prev) +7,014 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Whilyam'' ---- == Reghahrovaht == === 004.001 (Preface) === When God first saw D'ni being formed, God talked to a low D'ni woman known as Hahno..."
     14:46  Lara documents‎‎ 4 changes history+715[Alahmnat‎ (4×)]
14:46 (cur | prev) +21 Alahmnat talk contribs →‎Lara 010: The Mistakes
14:41 (cur | prev) +304 Alahmnat talk contribs
13:20 (cur | prev) 0 Alahmnat talk contribs →‎Lara 003.001
12:52 (cur | prev) +390 Alahmnat talk contribs →‎Lara 002: D'ni parables: Added description of and link to 002.009
N    14:46  Lara documents/Lara 010.001 diffhist +2,390 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Whilyam'' ---- Do not punish mistakes. They are the teachers of us. <br /> Do not avoid mistakes. Fools who think they can learn no more are th..."
N    14:14  Lara documents/Lara 009.002 diffhist +3,443 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Blade Lakem'' ---- This second game (rather, series of games) comes with a bit of a math lesson, as describing the elements of it requires a de..."
N    14:08  Johvets diffhist +65 Alahmnat talk contribs Redirected page to Lara documents/Lara 009.001 Tag: New redirect
N    14:07  Lara documents/Lara 009.001 diffhist +9,515 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Blade Lakem'' ---- == Overview == This restoration actually came from several scraps I found in the documents, describing D'ni games of various..."
     13:58  Category:D'ni games diffhist +45 Alahmnat talk contribs
N    13:56  Lara documents/Lara 005.004‎‎ 2 changes history+1,643[Alahmnat‎ (2×)]
13:56 (cur | prev) +1,643 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by J.D. Barnes'' ---- As a member of the Guild of Burial Workers, I knew a devout guildsman from the Healers and saw him at work many times while..."
13:53 (cur | prev) +4,012 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Marcus Wheeler'' ---- To Mor'ahn, my dearest friend, Work goes well here in the Guild. Guild Master Kor'etah has pushed us hard to continue our..."
     13:53 Move log Alahmnat talk contribs moved page Lara documents/Lara 005.004 to Lara documents/Lara 006.001 without leaving a redirect ‎
N    13:47  Lara documents/Lara 005.003 diffhist +3,386 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by J.D. Barnes'' ---- As she got older, my mother's sister<ref>The wording here is literally "the sister of my mother", not any term like "aunt"...."
N    13:41  Lara documents/Lara 005.002 diffhist +4,466 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by J.D. Barnes'' ---- My father was was a fine Maintainer and a good D'ni. But he was not always a kind man. And he was even less kind when he saw..."
N    13:32  Lara documents/Lara 005.001 diffhist +92 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by J.D. Barnes'' ---- Stone is always heavier in your own hand."
N    13:19  Lara documents/Lara 003.001‎‎ 2 changes history+19,107[Alahmnat‎ (2×)]
13:19 (cur | prev) +47 Alahmnat talk contribs
13:18 (cur | prev) +19,060 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "== In the Chinaman's Eye == I walked into the Chinaman's Eye, and I saw an old man in an old army uniform. He sat at the smallest darkest table in the saloon. In front of him..."
N    12:57  Lara documents/Lara 002.009 diffhist +3,792 Alahmnat talk contribs Created page with "{{Apocrypha}} ''Translated by Whilyam'' ---- == The Soul Healer (Rehveelaytayrtahn)<ref>The direct translation is "the soul helper". We don’t have "helpers" in our culture..."