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16 July 2024

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N    02:28  Reference:RAWA/Riven birds diffhist +516 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' There's a handful of both the black bird and white bird animations, but where exactly are they? '''A:''' The white birds are on Book Assembly Island, on the rocky ledge after crawling through the pipe. They aren't exactly random, but I have no intention of trying to explain the pattern, so just keep wandering around to find them. They show up on few screens. The Black Birds are seen on Jungle Island near the clear cut area. They also...")
N    02:22  Reference:RAWA/Averone diffhist +380 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' One thing has confused me........there is no mention of how Chroma'Agana and Averone came into the picture or why Averone was used as a base for work on D'ni. '''A:''' The Book of D'ni begins about four years after Riven. Atrus has written a few Ages, Averone being the one of the first he wrote after Riven. This is not explained in the book.")
N    02:21  Reference:RAWA/Gehn's symbol diffhist +323 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' What is all that stuff around the D'ni number 5 on Gehn's symbol supposed to be? '''A:''' Gehn's symbol is a variation on the symbol of the Guild of Writers - a pen nib and Book. And with Gehn's obsession with the number 5, he made a star out of it- five pen nibs writing on five Books.")
N    02:20  Reference:RAWA/Age 233 illusion diffhist +1,091 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' I wouldn't really call this an easter egg, but there is someone standing out on the rocks on Age 233. The person can be seen from the window in Gehns bedroom, and also from the window upstairs from his bedroom, where the handle to raise and lower the cage is located. I don't think the picture is clear enough to identify the person, but maybe it is possible. '''A:''' The figure out the bedroom window is an optical illusion, just part o...")
N    02:13  Reference:RAWA/Trap Books diffhist +291 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' Sirrus and Achenar must have taken linking books along into the trap books, so they could return to Myst Island. This means that being caught within a link must prevent a return-linking book from working at all, while one is so trapped. '''A:''' Correct.")
N    02:12  Reference:RAWA/Firemarbles diffhist +1,001 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' The colored marbles that you place in the right places to power up the linking books in the domes, are fire marbles, right? '''A:''' I understand the confusion. Generally, the fire-marbles were used for light. The marbles you are referring to are a variation of the basic fire-marbles which release all of their energy very quickly (read: they explode... so don't drop them too hard!) I call these more volatile fire-marbles "power-marble...")
N    02:10  Reference:RAWA/Age information diffhist +2,167 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{ref undated Lyst post}} '''Q:''' Is it possible for two people to write and age that is identical? What if they used different words, but were describing the same thing? '''A:''' It is possible, but not probable. Like flipping a normal coin 10 billion times and getting "heads" every single time... possible, but not probable. :) (Aside from the fact that if you flipped 1 coin per second every second of every day, it would take about 320 years to conduct the experiment...")
     00:56  Book diffhist +135 Talashar talk contribs (Adding reference)
     00:49  Reference:Gehn's Prayers diffhist +35 Talashar talk contribs
     00:10  Aitrus diffhist +664 Maurus talk contribs (Update image and portrayal to reflect new information from Riven (2024), add behind the scenes section) Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     00:06 Upload log Maurus talk contribs uploaded File:Aitrus imager.png(Aitrus seen in a recording in Gehn's imager in Age 233.)

15 July 2024

N    23:49  Enant diffhist +279 Talashar talk contribs (Created page with "{{Infobox person | race = Rivenese }} '''Enant''' was a close acquaintance of Catherine and Eti who remained on the surface of Riven instead of joining the Moiety rebellion against Gehn. Category:People mentioned in Riven Category:Rivenese people")
 m   23:48  Reference:Catherine, personal journal (Riven) diffhist 0 Talashar talk contribs
     23:47  (User creation log) [VelmaPreston436‎; StarCulp786‎; SalvatoreBuggy‎; Marcos69S5508363‎; LyndonNivison48‎; LyleBarrenger3‎; HaydenHarrington‎; DickCooper446‎; CyrusFizelle015‎; CoolBreezeProReview‎; ChristenR33‎; AntoineDods9‎]
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 m   23:45  Dictionary:Ahbtseeets diffhist 0 Talashar talk contribs (typo)
 m   23:43  Noloben (animal) diffhist +8 Talashar talk contribs (edit for clarity)
     23:29  Ti'ana diffhist +151 Maurus talk contribs (Add depiction of Ti'ana seen in Riven (2024), including image and portrayal info) Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     23:23 Upload log Maurus talk contribs uploaded File:Tiana imager.png(A recording of Ti'ana seen in Gehn's imager in Age 233.)