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Holography is a type of graphical technology capable of displaying illuminated images in the middle of the air as opposed to being displayed directly on a flat surface. Such images could be 2D or 3D and could be projected anywhere from a few centimetres away from the projector's surface to several metres away.

The D'ni in particular are known to have experimented with holography, from which they developed their many imagers. These imagers typically consist of a flat, transparent surface, which are typically circular, behind which sit a group of other circular components arranged in a grid. Following the precedent set by the D'ni, it is common practice to refer to any kind of holographic device an 'imager', though this may not necessarily be accurate in all cases.

Descendents of the D'ni such as Gehn and Atrus are also known to have experimented with holography and developed their own equivalents of D'ni imagers. The imagers that Atrus developed were visually much more similar to the kinds the D'ni used, and notably the kinds that can still be found in the D'ni city, in the cavern. In comparison, the imagers that Gehn developed whilst trapped on the Age of Riven were notably different in construction compared to the typical D'ni design. Gehn's holographic technology frequently featured spherical cages for both projecting and broadcasting or recording holographic images.

The most complex use of holography presently known to humanity can be found on the Age of Jalak, which features an entire holographic playing field.