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Race D'ni
Name in D'ni tergan

Out of all the refugees returning to D'ni under Atrus' restoration, Tergahn was the oldest. When gas filled the cavern, Tergahn had no time to flee to his own district, so Gadren's father let him link into Aridanu. Tergahn was determined to return to D'ni, but Gadren's father did not allow anyone to link back for a year, and later destroyed the D'ni Linking Book.

Tergahn became bitter when his wife died, and lived as a hermit on a smaller island in Aridanu. He became completely bald with age spots peppering his scalp, but he was sharp of mind and bore himself upright. It was assumed that he was a Guildsman, but nobody knew which Guild he was a part of. However, it seems he was learned in taking soundings in rock, a skill which only comes from training in certain Guilds.

Tergahn was against entering Terahnee and begged Atrus many times for his company to leave Terahnee and reseal the Temple.