Reference:Ikuro Kodama, canceling the restoration

Ikuro Kodama, canceling the restoration
Location DRC website (archive link)
Author Dr. Ikuro Kodama

As you know, I am not a man of many words and so I will be both direct and brief today. The restoration effort is canceled. While the DRC came to this conclusion some time ago, we have held off on a public announcement, in hope that our early conclusions were not necessarily true and alternatives could be found. They were not. Dr. Watson has still not returned, funding has dried up, and we are left with no choice.

As a result, the cavern will be closed to all visitors within a week. The DRC will continue to maintain a small presence while we close the restoration site down and remove what equipment we can. We never intended on making such an announcement and all of us at the DRC are as disappointed as we assume you are.

I am not going to make an attempt to counter such news with spin or contrived good news, but I will say this, though I never thought I would: many of you have already met the woman who calls herself Yeesha. You have seen her powers - abilities that are far beyond our own. Perhaps, there is more that she has for us. Perhaps there are still ways some of you may be able to see D'ni. Perhaps she can do what we could not. Perhaps there is hope.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We are extremely saddened that we could not reward such faith with a restored and prosperous D'ni.


Dr. Ikuro Kodama