Ikuro Kodama

Ikuro Kodama
Dr. Icuro Kodama(Archive).jpg
Race Human
Personal details
Born October 5th, 1957 CE

Dr. Ikuro Kodama is the 3rd member of the DRC, and is an expert in geology and structural integrity. He can occasionally be found in the neighborhoods and the city, but prefers to stay behind the scenes.

Dr. Kodama (better known to explorers as just "Dr. K") was commonly regarded in 2003 and 2004 as the most hard-nosed of the DRC when it came to explorer presence in the Cavern. He was very public and very blunt about his dislike for Jeff Zandi allowing people to enter the Cavern ahead of the DRC's schedule, and was widely considered to be lacking in any sort of a sense of humor. Recently, however, he has been much more aproachable, even going so far as to attend a liaison-directed town hall meeting, during which he discussed possible future areas of exploration and the current limitations of the DRC's resources.

Dr. Kodama has a Bachelor of Arts in Mechanical Engineering Technology from New Mexico along with a Tech Doctorate in Geology from the University of Southern California. He was a friend of Dr. Watson's from their time together in the teaching profession when he was invited to D'ni in 1994 before joining the DRC from 1997 to 2004. In 2004, he was also co-leader of the DRC after Dr. Watson left. Kodama returned to D'ni in 2006 when funding was secured and retook his position on the DRC as well as his old duty of overseeing Phases One and Two.

It has been speculated but not confirmed that Dr. Kodama has taken Yeesha's Journey, though references in Douglas Sharper's 2004 journal seem to indicate that it's likely.