Regeltavok Oorpah

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The Regeltavok Oorpah (regeltavok Urpa[note 1])—literally, "The Prophecies of Oorpah"— was a book of prophecies written by the Ronay prophet Oorpah. It is an ancient text, written before the D'ni settled on Earth over 9,600 years ago. Much of it deals with the foretelling of a Great King who will be sent by Yahvo to guide his people. Ri'neref, leader of the Ronay sect that would become the D'ni, strongly believed in this book.


Only snippets of the original work have been translated and republished. They are collected below.

Book 2

Entry 1,071, Item 54[1]
When all is taken from one, the only hope that remains is what is given by another. Through this giving, both are redeemed.

Book 9

Entry 221, Item 29[1]
The truth of a man is found in the darkness beneath the surface. Some light might reveal only what some men want to be seen.
Entry 221, Item 77[1]
Only the way a man is when he is hidden is how he is. A shallow glimpse can deceive. Look deep, ponder and recognize all that is hidden.

Book 12

Entry 32, Item 134[1]
The laws contrived by the proud are their security and their undoing. Such laws make disobedience a virtue and obedience a sin.


Only the stone, while they pass beneath, listens to his cries and comforts her fear. Only the Arch welcomes the reign of the great one who guides us.[2]


  1. The possessive appears here as -ok ; this could be a transcription error, since -ok is the Dnifont encoding of the canonical form -okh.


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