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Yahvo, or "The Maker", was worshiped by the D'ni as the creator of all the possible Ages on the Great Tree of Possibilities, and who granted the ability to link to these Ages to the Ronay, from whom the D'ni were descended. Similar to the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god, Yahvo was believed to be omnipotent, having created all of the possibilities of life throughout time. However, while technically omniscient, the D'ni also believed that Yahvo chose not to observe the paths his followers took, so that they might choose for themselves. Yahvo was not a disinterested god, however; he often gave commandments and direction, often in the form of prophesy.

Faith in Yahvo waxed and waned throughout the time of the D'ni empire. While D'ni was founded by devout followers of Yahvo, the faith of its people often wandered into cultism. One early example of this was in the mid-2500s DE, when over 2500 active sects were tracked by government census data, in a time later called the "religious confusion". By 3100 DE, the pendulum had swung almost completely in the opposite direction, with less than 50 active sects, and only ten having a membership of over 500 people.