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Venalem Side-01.jpg
Side view of Venalem.
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Phase One
Phase 1 began Unknown

Venalem (venalem[contested]) is an Age on the DRC's restoration projects list. Its name contains the D'ni word for "ink" (lem, lem).


DRC sketches indicate that the working area of the Age is a hollowed-out iceberg in an arctic ocean, with submarine-like machinery installed to gather and harvest material from massive underwater plant pods. Harvested pods, some as much as 40 feet across, were cleaned and converted into rooms for buildings in other portions of the facility.


D'ni history[edit]

There is little information available about Venalem's purpose, but based on its name, the Age may have been involved in the production of the Ink used in regestoy.

DRC restoration[edit]

Restoration work in Venalem was suspended in March of 2001 CE due to unknown "environmental ramifications".[1] When the DRC returned to the cavern in 2006, restoration was again suspended by a 3-1 vote on September 30, 2006.[2]


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