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Race Human

Lord Amanjira was a powerful person who controlled the town of Tadjinar and much of its surrounding territory. He paid Anna and her father to conduct geological and mineralogical surveys of the area, and was pleased when one of those surveys suggested the presence of silver. Amanjira was not native to the area, however. He came to Tadjinar from the east as a trader, and accumulated considerable wealth and power over the years. The Book of Ti'ana describes him as having very dark skin and a friendly face.

Historical note[edit]

The events that take place on the surface in The Book of Ti'ana appear to be set in the Middle East, rather than the American Southwest. Due to this inaccuracy, it is likely that Amanjira did not actually exist as he is described in the novel, though he may have been adapted from an actual historical individual who controlled portions of colonial Spanish New Mexico in the late 1600s.