Aurora blossom

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Aurora blossom
Aurora blossom open.png
An aurora blossom from behind with its nectar lens uncovered.
Found in Edanna

The aurora blossom is a flowering plant found in the Age of Edanna. It consists of a single large flower, nearly 6 feet high, with brilliant red gold petals arranged in an offset pattern.

The center of the plant's flowering body contains a thick, hard lens-shaped blob of nectar, which allows light to pass from one side of the blossom to the other. Normally, this lens is covered on the base of the flower by a cap of modified petals, but the petals can be unfurled by touching the flower's stamen, revealing the lens. It is shaped in such a way that it is able to focus sunlight, much like a magnifying glass. The focusing effect can produce a beam hot enough to char wood or boil water at considerable distances.

It is most often found in the upper portions of the Edanna tree, since there is not enough sunlight at lower levels for it to grow well, although it is sometimes found near lambent orchids in the Edanna swamp.

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