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Below is a list of all glyphs available in the Dnidings web font. They can be included in a page by using {{Dnidings:<glyph name>}}. For example: {{Dnidings:Linking book}} will produce ;. Depending on the circumstance, you may need to use a font size template like {{large}} to get the desired dimensions.

List of glyphs[edit]

Symbol Glyph name Symbol Glyph name
l Dnidings:Ahnonay ' Dnidings:Journey hand
x Dnidings:Ahyoheek beetle 2 Dnidings:KI
c Dnidings:Ahyoheek linking book 5 Dnidings:KIPS angle
z Dnidings:Ahyoheek logo 6 Dnidings:KIPS distance
v Dnidings:Ahyoheek pen nib 7 Dnidings:KIPS elevation
` Dnidings:Bahroglyph hand 8 Dnidings:KI settings
1 Dnidings:Bahroglyph sharing 3 Dnidings:KI with tabs
j Dnidings:Bahroglyph snake u Dnidings:Library
9 Dnidings:Buddy ; Dnidings:Linking book
q Dnidings:Cavern communications network t Dnidings:Neighborhood
w Dnidings:Concert hall 0 Dnidings:Nexus
] Dnidings:DRC - Dnidings:Nexus2
e Dnidings:Ferry terminal = Dnidings:Nexus3
r Dnidings:Ferry terminal2 , Dnidings:Nexus4
4 Dnidings:Files { Dnidings:Path of the shell
[ Dnidings:Great stair ? Dnidings:Path of the shell2
. Dnidings:Great tree pub " Dnidings:The watcher
o Dnidings:Great zero : Dnidings:The watcher (enclosed)
p Dnidings:Guild hall i Dnidings:Tokotah courtyard
/ Dnidings:Guild of greeters emblem } Dnidings:Triangle gears
> Dnidings:Guild of maintainers b Dnidings:Vertical pen nib
< Dnidings:Guild of maintainers emblem \ Dnidings:Yeesha
m Dnidings:Guild of writers emblem y Dnidings:Yeesha mandala
n Dnidings:Guild of writers emblem (fancy)


The original D'nidings font was created by Blade Lakem. It is available for download as a TTF font from the Myst Embassy website. The webfont version was created by Alahmnat for the Guild of Archivists website.