Domasio Lara

Domasio Lara was a Mexican prospector who may have stumbled across the D'ni cavern circa 1890 CE. What is known about him is little and may be inaccurate or apocryphal.

In the 1890s, Lara discovered the D'ni cavern in New Mexico. He called it "Caverna del Oro", meaning "Golden Cavern", because of the dull orange glow of the lake. He believed he had discovered El Dorado. While he was there, he took notes in English and Spanish. It is unlikely that he linked to any Ages. To prove his discovery, he took D'ni documents to the surface to display. He was not believed, and the papers were acquired by his descendants.

In 1893 CE, he married Meliana Galindo. Her name appears on some of letters.

In late 2007 CE, an explorer named Nathan Galaviz found Lara's notes and the D'ni documents and gave them to J.D. Barnes. J.D. then asked explorers to help him catalogue, translate, and study the documents to learn as much as possible about the D'ni[1]. J.D. has repeatedly cautioned people that it may in fact be a hoax, as the details are so hazy.


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