GoArch:Citation needed

As part of our effort to ensure that the Archive is as accurate as possible, anyone may flag questionable statements and assertions by adding the {{citation needed}} tag.

When to use this tag[edit]

This tag is a means of communicating to other editors that an assertion in an article requires verification. Much of the Archive contains material which refers to canonical sources like video games and novels, so this tag should be used sparingly in cases where the evidence for a claim is either common knowledge or easily referenced by fans. Generally, this tag should be reserved for assertions or statements which rely on extra-canonical sources, such as communications or clarifying responses from Cyan staffers.

This tag should not be used to flag obviously speculative content. Such speculation should be removed from the article, and discussion should be moved to that article's Discussion/Talk page. When removing this sort of material from an article, be sure to explain your reasoning in the edit summary field. If you move the material to a Talk page, you should also include a detailed explanation of why it was removed from the article.

What to do when you see this tag[edit]

If you are able to provide a citation for a statement that has been tagged, please do so! If you are citing material that is not publicly available (like an email from RAWA), you are encouraged to provide the full text of your source in the Reference section of the Archive, then link to it in your citation.

If your work was tagged, the best thing to do is to provide a citation if you are able to produce one. If you disagree with the need for a citation, you can discuss it on the article's Talk page. In some cases, such as when your article covers an obscure or little-discussed section of canon, it may still be best to provide a citation for less-informed visitors, even if you don't personally feel one is necessary.

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