GoArch:Reference Project


There are two primary objectives to the Reference project: organizing reference materials from the Myst games, and improving citations throughout the Archive.

Game reference materials[edit]

Reference material from the games takes the form of journals, monologues, notes, etc. from game characters. This material must be placed in the Reference: namespace (so, for instance, Atrus's journal in Riven would go on a page titled Reference:Atrus, personal journal (Riven)). This material can be cited and sourced when writing articles in the main Archive namespace, but should be unadorned, meaning no links to other pages or other wiki functions. Reference is strictly for that purpose. Reference material should also be categorized into the relevant "[game] reference material" category. These categories are accessible from the game's main category so visitors can easily browse to them.

All in-game reference material must also carry the {{reference copyright notice}} template at the top of the page.

Citation improvement[edit]

Much of the information in the Archive is unsourced and uncited. For the most part, this is a hold-over from earlier iterations of the Archive where such citations were difficult to include due to the limited article formatting available. Now, however, an effort should be made to cite sources whenever asserting facts about a subject that are likely to be challenged, or when quoting sources either directly or indirectly.

Information on citation formatting can be found on the Citation guidelines page.