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A stub is an article that is incomplete in some way. Typically, stubs are short, and lack sufficient detail. For example, consider the following stub about the Age of Myst:

"Myst is an island with some buildings and puzzles."

While this does manage to convey the bare minimum of information about Myst, there is obviously more that could (and should!) be said about it. You can help improve the quality of information in the Archive by expanding on stubs. If you feel the article has enough information in it once you are finished editing it, please remove the {{stub}} template before saving it.

Stubs versus short articles[edit]

Note that not everything in the Archive will require a lengthy article to describe it. For instance, an article about the D'ni empire would require a lot more detail than an article about the lighthouse in the Stoneship Age. Before tagging an article as a stub, consider whether there is anything else that can be added to it first. If the article seems complete even without a great deal of content in it, it may just be a short article, or describe something about which we have very little information. For articles where we don't know much, it is recommended that the {{Research Incomplete}} template be added at the top.