Dnidings is a special symbol font (like Glyphish or Font Awesome) that contains many useful glyphs related to the D'ni universe. This font is included as a web font on this site, so there's no need to install something special in order to be able to see it. To include a glyph in an article, simply use the template syntax. For example, {{Dnidings:Linking book}} will include the ";" glyph in your article. Depending on the glyph and the context it's being used in, you may wish to wrap the glyph with the {{big}} template or one of its relatives, in order to make the glyph match the size of the surrounding text.

Full list of Dnidings symbols[edit]

Glyph name Glyph
{{Dnidings:Ahnonay}} l
{{Dnidings:Ahyoheek beetle}} x
{{Dnidings:Ahyoheek linking book}} c
{{Dnidings:Ahyoheek logo}} z
{{Dnidings:Ahyoheek pen nib}} v
{{Dnidings:Bahroglyph hand}} `
{{Dnidings:Bahroglyph sharing}} 1
{{Dnidings:Bahroglyph snake}} j
{{Dnidings:Buddy}} 9
{{Dnidings:Cavern communications network}} q
{{Dnidings:Concert hall}} w
{{Dnidings:DRC}} ]
{{Dnidings:Ferry terminal}} e
{{Dnidings:Ferry terminal2}} r
{{Dnidings:Files}} 4
{{Dnidings:Great stair}} [
{{Dnidings:Great tree pub}} .
{{Dnidings:Great zero}} o
{{Dnidings:Guild hall}} p
{{Dnidings:Guild of greeters emblem}} /
{{Dnidings:Guild of maintainers}} >
{{Dnidings:Guild of maintainers emblem}} <
{{Dnidings:Guild of writers emblem}} m
{{Dnidings:Guild of writers emblem (fancy)}} n
{{Dnidings:Journey hand}} '
{{Dnidings:KI}} 2
{{Dnidings:KIPS angle}} 5
{{Dnidings:KIPS distance}} 6
{{Dnidings:KIPS elevation}} 7
{{Dnidings:KI with tabs}} 3
{{Dnidings:Library}} u
{{Dnidings:Linking book}} ;
{{Dnidings:Neighborhood}} t
{{Dnidings:Nexus}} 0
{{Dnidings:Nexus2}} -
{{Dnidings:Nexus3}} =
{{Dnidings:Nexus4}} ,
{{Dnidings:Path of the shell}} {
{{Dnidings:Path of the shell2}} ?
{{Dnidings:The watcher}} "
{{Dnidings:The watcher (enclosed)}} :
{{Dnidings:Tokotah courtyard}} i
{{Dnidings:Triangle gears}} }
{{Dnidings:Vertical pen nib}} b
{{Dnidings:Yeesha}} \
{{Dnidings:Yeesha mandala}} y