Race D'ni
Personal details
Died 6731 DE
Spouse Rikooth
Children Kerath

Hisha (hiSa[contested]) was the daughter of the Grand Master of the Guild of Chemists. She and her father were strong believers in Gish and the fallacy of the Great King.

She was married to King Rikooth in 6556 DE. She did not influence her husband, a believer in the infallibility of the Great King, much, but she exerted a very strong influence on his three sons, the youngest of whom was Kerath, the last king of D'ni.

Hisha and Kerath were expelled from the palace by King Rikooth in 6700 DE. Rikooth had apparently tired of her views and opinions and wanted her out. It is presumed that she died in 6731 DE, as Kerath returned to D'ni to announce her death as King Rikooth was on his death bed.