Kedri (Guild Master)

Race D'ni
Name in D'ni KeDrE
This article is about the Guild Master in the Guild of Legislators. For other uses, see Kedri (disambiguation).

Kedri was a Guild Master in the Guild of Legislators, originally assigned with a group of other Guild Masters to oversee and report to the D'ni Council on the progress of the expedition to Earth's surface. During his stay with the Surveyors, the then-guildsman Aitrus was assigned to assist him and his party with understanding the hows and whys of the expedition, and the two built up a friendship in the process.

Years later, when Aitrus had been accused of breaching protocol by teaching Ti'ana how to Write, Kedri—at Ti'ana's insistence—launched a research effort with a new group of trainees to prove that Aitrus had done nothing wrong, and that the precedent for teaching regestoy to outsiders existed at one time in the distant past.