Lara documents/Lara 005.004

Translated by J.D. Barnes

As a member of the Guild of Burial Workers, I knew a devout guildsman from the Healers and saw him at work many times while I attended to my duties.

During one such visit, I overheard him speaking to the family of a man, a Maintainer, who'd become with some sort of unknown disease from an Age he'd been exploring. This disease slowly wasted at his flesh, turning it brown and sickly. It also wasted at his mind, making him suddenly rage in a terrible anger he could not control. In these rages, he had struck his children, torn his hair out and destroyed his home. And then his mind would clear, and he would collapse in despair for what he had done. This family had come to have this man, once a fine father and a skilled Maintainer, linked to an Age for those who could not control themselves[1]. They wept, and asked why Yahvo would allow such a thing.

He, in his compassion, said to them. "I cannot begin to understand Yahvo's designs[2]. But I know that Yahvo does not give us a stone that we cannot carry."

Many hahrtee later, I was attending to my duties preparing the dead to be taken to Te'negamiris for their final rest. And I came upon that which was my friend, the Healer. He'd been in an Age, attending to the sick there, when he was attacked by mad beast of burden. The beast tore him into pieces, and my friend died slowly, in agony. And I muttered to his corpse "Yahvo does not give us a stone that we cannot carry."


  1. The D'ni equivalent of an asylum, it seems. –J.D.
  2. Here, design implies an architectural design, a schematic. –J.D.