Mañuel Gomez

Mañuel Gomez
Gomez ponders the possibility of a mission to D'ni
Race Human
Portrayed by Francis Reagan

General Mañuel Gomez is the current commander of the Eddy Air Force base in New Mexico.[1]

In 2025, while still a colonel, he served as an intelligence officer on the base. In that capacity he was consulted by the DRC concerning security when they were building the Archives, and was present at the ceremonial handover to UNESCO in 2025.

This was the occasion when he first met Beatrice Lang. Because of his knowledge of D'ni and the existence of linking books, he was later promoted to general and recalled to the base to become the commanding officer. When Colonel Collins proposed a trip to the Cavern to see if they could find anything useful, it was Gomez and Lang who made it happen.


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