Gabriel Collins

Gabriel Collins
Gabe and the flashing button
Race Human
Portrayed by Colton Clayton

Gabriel ('Gabe') Collins was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Ever since his father took him to a traveling air show as a child, he has been fascinated with flight. He spent two years studying aerospace engineering before entering the Air Force, where he continued his studies in advanced aerodynamics. He was accepted into the test pilot program, but switched to research after a knee injury cut short his flying career.[1]

At the time of the Mission to D'ni, Gabe was serving as the head of R&D at Eddy Air Force Base, New Mexico, under the command of General Mañuel Gomez. After pitching the idea of a trip, Gabe was appointed co-leader of the team, a role he shares with his counterpart from the Special Projects Unit, Zarek Mazerowski.

Although accustomed to dealing with civilians on the base, Gabe finds the non-military personnel on the team a bit of a handful, particularly Morgan Lapahie.


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