Race Averonese
Name in D'ni mEr
Personal details
Died 9467 DE

Meer was a young Averonese man who joined the team that helped Atrus and Catherine with the First Restoration of D'ni. Originally part of the crew that successfully cleared the collapsed doorway out of the room at the base of the island mansion of K'veer, Meer chose to stay on after the breakthrough into D'ni and assist Atrus with the restoration.

His participation in the restoration effort was unfortunately short-lived, though. During an expedition to the Age of Aurack to search for survivors of the fall of D'ni, Meer was attacked and killed by an unknown large predator. The Age had been cleared for exploration based on the content of its Descriptive Book, which made no mention of such creatures, and so Meer and his companions were unarmed. They were also exploring the Age's dense jungles without adhering to the buddy system in an attempt to cover more ground.

Meer's death prompted Atrus and Catherine to institute changes to their practices when exploring Ages in search of D'ni survivors. Expedition members were to never travel alone, and they would be armed.