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From a real-world perspective, the D'ni Universe is fictional. While most of the Archive pretends that this is not the case, sometimes it is necessary to pull back the curtain.

IC and OOC[edit]

IC (In-Character/In-Cavern)
The IC point of view considers the Myst universe to be real, and all events that took place within it as actual history. This extends to play style in Myst Online: Uru Live, where IC players are expected to treat the game as a real place, and that all of the Ages they visit, the people they encounter, and the events that take place within it are also real.
OOC (Out-Of-Character/Out-Of-Cavern)
When OOC, the Myst universe is fictional, and players can act as though they are not actually visiting the places they see in the game. From this point of view, discussion of the game as a game (including technical glitches like bugs, lag, etc.) are permissible. Note that under most circumstances, commentary on these sorts of things are not germane to the Archive and should be avoided.