Puffer spore

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Puffer spore
Found in Narayan

The Puffer Spores are a part of the Narayani way of life. They provide rooms for them to live in, and keep their Lattice Trees from collapsing into the ocean below them.

These spores rise up from "rifts" in the Age, where waterfalls thunder down from the ocean into the depths below, and are called to the Narayani by tunes that they pay on pipes. These spores are then gathered in with net and woven into the shape of the Lattice Tree, either as rooms or additional support for the Tree.

When the spores ripen, they are a milky color with a pinkish tinge. From a rift where the sea flows through gaps in the Narayani world to form waterfalls, steam rises, and this steam pushes the ripe spores up. Apparently, playing a pipe will draw in the hollow spore, when it is subsequently is dragged in with a net and fit into the niche made during the Weaving. If the spores are not guided to the branches they will burst from the steam.