From Guild of Archivists
Found in Ahnonay

The quab is a four-legged, crab-like creature with two large black eyes on the sides of its triangular head. They can be found scratching at the rocks on Ahnonay in the first sphere. Attempts to get near them have indicated that they are very skittish creatures, and they seem to have no aversion to water except the type on the outside of their island. There is some debate as to whether the quabs were always found in the first sphere, or whether they crept into it over the 250+ years of neglect that befell the Age after the Fall of D'ni.

In Uru Live, these creatures seem to have evolved somehow as their eye patterns have changed and they will jump into the water on all sides of the island. The quabs also have surprisingly been able to either reproduce or jump back out of the water during the absence of any explorers. These quabs are even more skittish than the original type, and move in response to just the footfall of the explorers. Explorers need no longer touch the quabs. The footstep sounds of this type of quab are not like those of Earth kind, but instead sound more like the footsteps of explorers. These quabs do not move side to side when idle. Much frustration and irritation has fell upon certain explorers of this Age during the time of Uru Live.

Furthermore, the quabs of Uru: Complete Chronicles also jump over the island's outer edge, just like those of Uru Live, but only on the side where the book pedestal is, closer to the island's waterfall.