Reference:2007-09-11 Dr. Watson in the Watcher's Pub

Dr. Watson met with explorers in the Watcher's Pub amid the events of Deception.

(09/11 22:45:57) Chat.log started...
(09/11 22:45:59) kyashii: 20
(09/11 22:46:00) Naturestorm1981: at the moment i have 20
(09/11 22:46:01) Dakro: 20
(09/11 22:46:07) Naturestorm1981: oh i got them all lol
(09/11 22:46:12) Shadotter: i'm sure Yeesha can always make more
(09/11 22:46:15) Dimitrios: Thank god you are back and safe. the community need more than ever a historian like you.thank you thank you
(09/11 22:46:17) Dr. Watson: I'm sure you do, Thend.
(09/11 22:46:17) Dimitrios kneels down... (09/11 22:46:23) kyashii: Watson, what did yeesha say?
(09/11 22:46:27) Naturestorm1981: why is it so packed in here
(09/11 22:46:43) Naturestorm1981: dr watson can i ask u something pls
(09/11 22:46:44) Amun Aten: because D. Watson is here.
(09/11 22:46:46) Yuko Hoon: because odf Dr. Watson here
(09/11 22:46:56) Naturestorm1981: what dose that device in ur cote room for
(09/11 22:47:10) Thend: We'd also like to simply hear what you'd like to say
(09/11 22:47:11) Naturestorm1981: gives u a pink ki thing
(09/11 22:47:13) Amun Aten: people swarm to DRC and other such characters like vultures to a rotting carcass.
(09/11 22:47:22) Dimitrios: Thank last a historian
(09/11 22:47:27) kyashii: Can you tell us all you know about the bahro Dr.?
(09/11 22:47:31) Dimitrios: Thank you
(09/11 22:47:31) Whilyam: Back off, people.
(09/11 22:47:42) Dakro: Can ya'll be kind of enough to give him some space, I think he deserves that much respect
(09/11 22:47:44) Nonphat: Give the man some room to breath
(09/11 22:47:45) Yuko Hoon: Amun, is normal we want to see them
(09/11 22:47:50) Dr. Watson: At the moment, I'm just getting my bearings again. I don't really have anything to say.
(09/11 22:48:10) Janine: Dr. Watson, it has been rumored to us that you may guide us in the face of the troubling times to come, how so?
(09/11 22:48:12) Songe: Nice to see you
(09/11 22:48:22) Naturestorm1981: any of u lot know what that device is for in his place
(09/11 22:48:25) uniquelikeyou: not even an explaination of why you went missing?
(09/11 22:48:27) Whilyam: Why have you decided not to return to the DRC?
(09/11 22:48:28) Thend: Dr Watson, understood. Some have been saying before you arrived that we should listen to you
(09/11 22:48:33) [ Shadow ]: If you need help repacking them let me know Dr.
(09/11 22:48:34) Dimitrios: You are here that counts a lot for will help all
(09/11 22:48:35) Shadotter: It just gives you a lighte
(09/11 22:48:38) daht: Dr Watson, is what Cate said true - you are no longer interested in the restoration?
(09/11 22:48:49) kyashii bows
(09/11 22:48:54) Dimitrios cheers
(09/11 22:49:06) Dr. Watson sighs.
(09/11 22:49:14) Kansi: please let him speak
(09/11 22:49:24) KhyronJinn: Paparazzi ambush.
(09/11 22:49:30) uniquelikeyou starts to laugh
(09/11 22:49:35) Thend: It happens
(09/11 22:49:56) Songe: What have you been doing Dr?
(09/11 22:49:56) Dimitrios cant beleive in his eyes.He is happier than ever before
(09/11 22:50:12) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, do the bahro communicate by sensing emotion or auras, or do they have a laguage like ours?
(09/11 22:50:17) Dimitrios start to cry because of his happiness
(09/11 22:50:19) Songe: whislt you've been away?
(09/11 22:50:23) kyashii: Watson, will you tell us everything you have seen?
(09/11 22:50:28) Dr. Watson: As far as resuming my position the DRC, no, I'm not interested.
(09/11 22:50:44) Dakro: You will still be an active member of the cavern?
(09/11 22:50:45) [ Shadow ]: Understandable
(09/11 22:50:51) Lontahv: Do you know whether Cyan will come out with another game?
(09/11 22:50:58) uniquelikeyou: understandable?
(09/11 22:50:59) Thend: Dr Watson, Engberg brought you back. Why did you come?
(09/11 22:51:01) Naturestorm1981: Dr watson u know in decent u have that device for the ki dose it have any use pls
(09/11 22:51:06) Lontahv: Or are you not privy to that.
(09/11 22:51:19) Shadotter: It just makes your ki light up nothing more
(09/11 22:51:27) Naturestorm1981: oh ok
(09/11 22:51:37) Jade_Dragon: what did i miss?
(09/11 22:51:52) Naturestorm1981: anyone here know where to get the green ki codes for for inside fortress level
(09/11 22:52:00) Dr. Watson: Engberg seems to think I'm needed here. I came to see things for myself.
(09/11 22:52:05) Naturestorm1981: age even haha
(09/11 22:52:13) Kansi: you are needed
(09/11 22:52:19) Kansi: talk to us
(09/11 22:52:20) KhyronJinn: Jade, all you missed was a Dr. Watson being ambushed by the Paparazzi
(09/11 22:52:26) kyashii: there is a bahro civil war going on watson...:(
(09/11 22:52:35) Jade_Dragon: that sounds familiar...
(09/11 22:52:38) Zen6219: What is Mr. Engberg most concerned about?
(09/11 22:52:40) kyashii: Or soon to be at least
(09/11 22:52:45) Thend: Dr Watson, if you require any assistance to see how the Cavern has changed, and what we are up against, we are willing to assist you
(09/11 22:52:50) Dr. Watson: Indeed, there is, Kyashii.
(09/11 22:52:52) Desert Eagle: yes, you're needed! maybe you can shed some light on this: why, exactly, are the Bahro fighting each other?!
(09/11 22:53:04) Junee: What did the DRC think about that you didn't want to return to them?
(09/11 22:53:15) Whilyam: Do you have any idea why Phil is mentioning colors?
(09/11 22:53:25) Dakro: Dr. Watson, why have you come back?
(09/11 22:53:27) TrinityMoon: People how about you let him talk your jumping on hime like locus
(09/11 22:53:36) Naturestorm1981: darko i cant get u on this list due toi lag
(09/11 22:53:42) Lontahv: Mr. Watson how do you feel about explorers writing their own ages?
(09/11 22:53:50) Jade_Dragon: i can't beleive people are taking the color thing so seriously haha
(09/11 22:53:54) Navros bows
(09/11 22:54:02) Jade_Dragon: "yeah man look at al the colors"
(09/11 22:54:03) Altydwarber bows
(09/11 22:54:22) Dr. Watson: That's a long story, Desert Eagle. But the gist is that they have freedoms now that they're not used to, and different groups are choosing to take different paths with their new freedoms.
(09/11 22:54:30) kyashii: Dr. Watson, did you know that Phil is ALIVE? :)
(09/11 22:54:33) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, was Myst V based on your own experiences? If not, who was it who set the Bahro free?
(09/11 22:54:34) Shadotter: like the Relyimah
(09/11 22:54:53) Whilyam: There's an important question.
(09/11 22:55:00) Dakro: Pryftan we freed the bahro
(09/11 22:55:03) Dimitrios: Dr Watson who freed the bahros?
(09/11 22:55:07) Whilyam: Did you free the Bahro in 2005?
(09/11 22:55:15) Dr. Watson: Yes, Kyashii. I've spent a great deal of time with Phil these last few years.
(09/11 22:55:16) Mar'ith: Dr. Watson, will you be updating your journal, or spending time with us telling us about your travels?
(09/11 22:55:21) mookiethefourth: Whoas here?
(09/11 22:55:25) Thend: Ah yes, Myst 5..
(09/11 22:55:26) Dakro: Doing what, Dr. Watson?
(09/11 22:55:27) Desert Eagle: no, Dakro - Phil said thet "we and another" freed the Bahro
(09/11 22:55:27) mookiethefourth: darn watson again?
(09/11 22:55:33) Pryftan: Someone freed the Bahro y giving them back their tablet, Dakro.
(09/11 22:55:42) uniquelikeyou: hmm...then what was the point of our yeesha journey?
(09/11 22:55:45) Thend: Dr Watson, many believe that was you - the 'Stranger' in the game
(09/11 22:55:48) Dimitrios: Yes but who?????
(09/11 22:55:57) mookiethefourth: Watson is a bot
(09/11 22:55:58) Lontahv: Dr. Watson have you played Myst V yet?
(09/11 22:56:04) Whilyam: mookie, give him some personal space
(09/11 22:56:06) mookiethefourth: He answers like one
(09/11 22:56:09) Dimitrios: I beleive that the "stranger" is the Great King"
(09/11 22:56:16) Dakro is sorta bummed...
(09/11 22:56:18) Dr. Watson: Yes, Pryftan. I gave the Bahro the tablet.
(09/11 22:56:19) [ Shadow ] sigh
(09/11 22:56:25) Thend is amazed!
(09/11 22:56:30) Ryan Lee: Whoa
(09/11 22:56:30) Dakro is amazed!
(09/11 22:56:31) ireenquench: Dr. Watson....Sharper and Phil indicate you know many thing of importance, concerning the Bahro situation. They told us to ask you. What can can we as explores activel ydo concerning that? Should we leave the Cavern?
(09/11 22:56:31) Shadotter claps his hands
(09/11 22:56:34) Janine: :O
(09/11 22:56:34) mookiethefourth: Oh hes not
(09/11 22:56:36) Dimitrios: Good choise Dr Watson
(09/11 22:56:37) daht is shocked
(09/11 22:56:40) Mister Cloak: wow
(09/11 22:56:41) Dimitrios cheers
(09/11 22:56:41) Ivy: he says he played Myst V
(09/11 22:56:45) [ Shadow ]: Nice
(09/11 22:56:45) mookiethefourth: I gave escher the tablet
(09/11 22:56:47) Whilyam bows
(09/11 22:56:49) Dakro: I'm not sure if that's a good thing....
(09/11 22:56:53) uniquelikeyou starts to laugh
(09/11 22:56:55) Dimitrios kneels down...
(09/11 22:57:04) Desert Eagle: I thik he is talking of the real thing here, not a computer game
(09/11 22:57:05) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, in that case, do you know what the "donuts" we've all recieved in our Reltos are?
(09/11 22:57:12) Lontahv: Good for you Dr. Watson. : )
(09/11 22:57:17) kyashii: the wedges
(09/11 22:57:19) Desert Eagle: good one, pryftan!
(09/11 22:57:21) Thend: Everytime we complete an Ages' quests
(09/11 22:57:27) kyashii: That are in our reltos
(09/11 22:57:27) Janine nods her head
(09/11 22:57:41) Dr. Watson: It definitely has had consequences, Dakro, but I still believe it was the right thing to do.
(09/11 22:57:42) Pryftan: They are Bahro in nature, similar to the tablet.
(09/11 22:57:43) Dimitrios: I thank you for your choise.Bahros deserve more than us to be free
(09/11 22:58:05) kyashii: dr. Watson, I have good news for you, I'm not sure if you know this yet, but Phil Henderson is ALIVE :)
(09/11 22:58:15) Dr. Watson: (No I have not played Myst V).
(09/11 22:58:22) Dakro: Do you know what can be done on our part Watson? TO control the bahro problem we've heard so much about
(09/11 22:58:23) Shadotter: umm, he knows, he's been talking to him
(09/11 22:58:31) Desert Eagle: yes, he know, kyashii
(09/11 22:58:32) Lontahv: How does Cyan worlds know?
(09/11 22:58:33) kyashii: Oh :P my bad
(09/11 22:58:40) Desert Eagle: :P
(09/11 22:58:43) Janine: Dr. Watson, what do you know about the wedges we've been collecting in our reltos?
(09/11 22:58:43) kyashii apologizes
(09/11 22:58:49) uniquelikeyou: I'd like to know what exactly the problem is first, though
(09/11 22:58:53) Dimitrios: Dr Watson do you know if the Great King (Alhsenar) is alive??
(09/11 22:59:22) Junee: But the tablet was some time ago, no? Then why are things starting to happen now and not sooner?
(09/11 22:59:26) Dr. Watson: I'm afraid I do not know anything about them, Janine. I have not seen one yet.
(09/11 22:59:34) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, should we try to communicate with the bahro? And if so, what is the best way?
(09/11 22:59:36) ireenquench: Dr. Watson... with the current BAhro situation, what can we explorers actively do, should we leave the Cavern?
(09/11 22:59:50) Wiijon: why are some of the Barho abusing there freedom?
(09/11 22:59:53) Selee Tayoy: How does Atrus feel about you giving the bahro freedom?
(09/11 23:00:02) HeadCheese : Would you LIKE to see some? I would gladly invite you to my Relto.
(09/11 23:00:06) Dakro: How has Yeesha played a part in this war?
(09/11 23:00:10) Thend: Dr Watson, Yes, the situation seems like it is not involving us, yet we can die because of it. Should we evacuate?
(09/11 23:00:12) uniquelikeyou: Is atrus even alive?
(09/11 23:00:26) Shadotter: yeah he is
(09/11 23:00:42) Skulls: Shorah Doctor Watson
(09/11 23:00:44) Pryftan: Doctor are you planning on having an epic battle with Laxman's Dalek?
(09/11 23:00:49) Pryftan: *erm*
(09/11 23:00:54) Dimitrios: atrus is alive he told that earlier
(09/11 23:00:55) Songe: Hehe
(09/11 23:01:09) Dr. Watson: Ireen, That's a difficult question to answer. Just before I left, I came to the conclusion that this Cavern should not be restored... that Atrus was right to start anew.
(09/11 23:01:11) KhyronJinn: Someone's watched a bit too much Doctor Who
(09/11 23:01:17) Lontahv: Dr. Watson How does Cyan know the events that they put in the game Myst V?
(09/11 23:01:19) Scarlette: Dr. Watson, it's great to have you back!! We have heard much about you coming! What kind of insight can you give us as to choices we need to make?
(09/11 23:01:20) uniquelikeyou: WOW, people sure don't die easily in D'ni
(09/11 23:01:38) Pryftan: Assumably, he told them Lontahv.
(09/11 23:01:40) Dr. Watson: I have not changed my opinion on that. But the fact is you're all here now.
(09/11 23:01:40) kyashii: Dr. Watson, in YOUR opinion, what should we do if we encounter bahro here in the cavern?
(09/11 23:02:01) Relayer Corps: Doctor, should we try to communicate with the bahro? and if so, how?
(09/11 23:02:12) Pryftan: We knew Dr. Watson worked with Cyan after he had been away for some time.. a lot of us assumed that meant he had freed the Bahro.
(09/11 23:02:33) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, is Sharper right to get involved in the Bahro war?
(09/11 23:03:02) ireenquench: Yes, we are here and some of us want to do the right thing. I am hoping you can give us guidance.
(09/11 23:03:14) Janine nods her head
(09/11 23:03:16) Skrir waves hello
(09/11 23:03:17) kyashii: btw Watson, awesome MYST hat :)
(09/11 23:03:19) Mar'ith: Dr. Watson, your last journal entry says that you believe you are the storyteller. Do you still believe that?
(09/11 23:03:20) janaba nods her head
(09/11 23:03:21) Songe agrees
(09/11 23:03:31) uniquelikeyou decides to leave so it won't be so crowded
(09/11 23:03:42) Dakro: Watson, what should WE do about recent events?
(09/11 23:03:42) Whilyam: Come on guys, back off a bit.
(09/11 23:04:07) BlueArrow: ya seriously....
(09/11 23:04:22) Queen of URU: opppss
(09/11 23:04:27) Scarlette: we are so confused. And we've been toldto listen to you. We're hoping you can shed some light on the choices that need to be made.
(09/11 23:04:40) Lontahv: Dr. Watson, do you still like pizza?
(09/11 23:04:41) Wiijon: what were you doing on your KI?
(09/11 23:04:51) Desert Eagle: yeah... both Phil and Sharper said we should listen to you
(09/11 23:04:51) Thend: Dr Watson, we may not be here for long, we have no reason to become involved in a life and death war that no longer involves us. It's not like we are descendants of the D'ni...
(09/11 23:04:54) peni: kk
(09/11 23:04:54) Jade_Dragon: he was taking my picture
(09/11 23:04:56) [ Shadow ]: Mmmmm Pizza
(09/11 23:04:58) Dr. Watson laughs
(09/11 23:05:01) Selee Tayoy: Yes, please share any information that you feel we must know
(09/11 23:05:07) Mar'ith: lol
(09/11 23:05:15) Dimitrios: Is the Great King alive?If yes is he in a "war" with Yeesha?
(09/11 23:05:15) Dr. Watson: yes, Pizza.
(09/11 23:05:21) Dakro groans
(09/11 23:05:22) Ural: Reply 2jojo is....
(09/11 23:05:22) [ Shadow ]: lol
(09/11 23:05:23) Dimitrios: Lol
(09/11 23:05:25) ireenquench giggles
(09/11 23:05:36) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, some of us feel this war is not our own. Others would stand behind Sharper at Noloben if he would let us..
(09/11 23:05:40) KhyronJinn: Pizza good.
(09/11 23:05:56) Yuko Hoon starts to laugh
(09/11 23:05:58) Lontahv: I hope the bahro haven't told you how to eat healthy. O.o
(09/11 23:06:14) Mister Cloak: pizza good, Bahro baaad
(09/11 23:06:21) BlueArrow: Dr. Watson, what was the reaction of the DRC when you returned??
(09/11 23:06:39) Thend: Dr Watson, are we descendants of the D'ni? Why are we here? We didn't come here to fight, originally
(09/11 23:06:52) Dr. Watson: We are not prepared for a war. going to Noloben (or any of the Ages where the war is raging, for that matter) would not be a good idea, in my opinion.
(09/11 23:07:08) Whilyam: Can we stop Sharper from going?
(09/11 23:07:13) Scarlette: i wonder if we all sat and didn't peep a word, if he would feel more comfortable talking?
(09/11 23:07:15) Relayer Corps: Should we try to communicate with the bahro?
(09/11 23:07:24) Selee Tayoy: Please answer Thends question, its a good one.
(09/11 23:07:24) Kansi: yes
(09/11 23:07:26) Desert Eagle: in which ages, besides NOloben, is the war raging?
(09/11 23:07:28) Mar'ith: Lets all sit
(09/11 23:07:30) Thend: Dr Watson, but there have been deaths in the Cavern itself. We are i Danger, should we evacuate? If not, why?
(09/11 23:07:30) Dakro: Yes, but what should WE do? as explorers
(09/11 23:07:34) Lontahv: What about Ahnonay, is it safe?
(09/11 23:07:54) Dr. Watson: Unless Sharper has changed a great deal from when I knew him, I don't know that you'll be able to change his mind.
(09/11 23:08:00) Junee: Are we a reason for the war between the bahro?
(09/11 23:08:05) Rabenschwinge: We arent even able to get to Ahnonay yet, Lontahv.
(09/11 23:08:08) Shadotter: didn't work last time
(09/11 23:08:09) Desert Eagle: (NO, DON"T SOT! SITTING INCREASES LAG!)
(09/11 23:08:13) Desert Eagle: *sit
(09/11 23:08:14) Pryftan: But even if we could change his mand, should we?
(09/11 23:08:23) Pryftan: mind*
(09/11 23:08:25) Scarlette: nope he hasn't changed much lol
(09/11 23:08:25) Lontahv: I know but it's coming I think.
(09/11 23:08:38) Lontahv: The DRC is getting it ready.
(09/11 23:08:42) Skrir stands up
(09/11 23:09:15) Trevor1013: This may have been asked already, but why have you decided to no longer be a part of the DRC? In my opinion they could really use your guidance.
(09/11 23:09:17) Whilyam: could anyone forcibly remove him? Any way to deny him access to Noloben?
(09/11 23:09:21) KhyronJinn: Wow, Watson might be able to get a word in
(09/11 23:09:21) Wiijon: Dr. Watson do you know anything about the book for Ahnonay or do you have it?
(09/11 23:09:41) Selee Tayoy: What was your purpose for returning to the cavern?
(09/11 23:09:42) BlueArrow: good question wiijon i was curious about that
(09/11 23:09:51) Rabenschwinge: Let him speak, guys... to many questions :)
(09/11 23:09:56) Dimitrios: I think that nobody have to interfere in a civil war.Except of course of Yeesha who is the grower.She anly knows how to help them
(09/11 23:10:01) [ Shadow ]: I'd like to see that book.
(09/11 23:10:13) Hatshepsut: Let's let him answer a question or two before hammering more at him.
(09/11 23:10:24) Dakro: I think the DRC could answer any questions about the Ahnonay, he doesn't work for the DRC....
(09/11 23:10:25) Zen6219: In you first appearance in the caven, you seemed open to the idea of rejoining the DRC. Now, you're not. Why is that?
(09/11 23:10:25) Dimitrios: Lol
(09/11 23:10:29) Janine asks everyone to slow down a bit, Dr. Watson must be able to see a question to answer it (09/11 23:10:39) Rabenschwinge nods to Janine
(09/11 23:10:52) Lontahv: What do you know about the support beams in the shaft in the Myst V game?
(09/11 23:10:52) Stephen C. nods his head
(09/11 23:11:01) Dakro: Okay, one asked several times now, why are you back?
(09/11 23:11:04) James Leslie: Dr. Watson. Who took UO's city link?
(09/11 23:11:07) Pryftan: I don't really understand why when we see a DRC member we have to swarm them with questions about when the new Ages will be released. It's not going to speed them up.
(09/11 23:11:08) Songe thinks he's making a cup of tea
(09/11 23:11:08) [ Shadow ]: where are our moderators?
(09/11 23:11:11) Desert Eagle: he said he hasn\t played that game, lontahv
(09/11 23:11:17) Lontahv: They're not here in real-life.
(09/11 23:11:22) Rabenschwinge: We d need a moderator, yes
(09/11 23:11:26) Selee Tayoy: I agree
(09/11 23:11:30) [ Shadow ]: =/
(09/11 23:11:32) Mar'ith thinks he's popped out to get a pizza
(09/11 23:11:32) Dr. Watson: I said I had a great deal to thing about, Zen. I have thought about it, and decided not to.
(09/11 23:11:34) Desert Eagle: yeah, a moderator would be good
(09/11 23:11:37) Lontahv: Oh sorry Dr. Watson
(09/11 23:11:51) Trevor1013: I'll moderate if you like sir
(09/11 23:12:07) Thend: Dr Watson, does the Art of Writing 'piggyback' itself on the powers of the Bahro?
(09/11 23:12:29) Dr. Watson: as for why I came back, it was at Michael Engberg's request and I wanted to see things here for myself.
(09/11 23:12:30) Veralun: Dr Watson can we expect some posting again from you on the DRC forums?
(09/11 23:12:37) Ewilan: just calm down and let him answrs questions before asking others please
(09/11 23:12:41) Grigori: Dr W, should we trust Cate?
(09/11 23:12:43) Songe: do you like the chnages?
(09/11 23:12:49) BlueArrow: dr. watson, did you get atrus's autograph?
(09/11 23:12:58) peni: unless Dr.Watson is PMing someone, this is not getting us anywhere
(09/11 23:13:00) brutane starts to laugh
(09/11 23:13:07) Selee Tayoy: where did Engberg find you?
(09/11 23:13:10) Dr. Watson: They are very similar, but not identical, Thend.
(09/11 23:13:15) Dakro: Okay well last time I'm asking, what do you think WE should do?
(09/11 23:13:20) Trevor1013: Would yoy like me to moderate the questions Dr. Watson?
(09/11 23:13:32) Scarlette listens intently
(09/11 23:13:36) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, if you would like a moderator, the Relayer Corps would gladly provide you with one.
(09/11 23:13:42) BlueArrow: i think he's fine trevor
(09/11 23:13:47) Thend: Dr Watson, thank you. I thought they might be connected somehow
(09/11 23:13:54) Trevor1013: Cool
(09/11 23:13:59) Trevor1013: NP
(09/11 23:14:33) Desert Eagle: yes, but having a moderator would grant everyone equal chances of having their question answered
(09/11 23:14:41) kyashii: Dr. Watson, were you able to learn the D'ni language during your absence?
(09/11 23:15:02) kyashii: Did yeesha teach you?
(09/11 23:15:15) Desert Eagle: kyashii, since he used to work on the translation of some texts, I think he already knew the language before leaving
(09/11 23:15:22) Selee Tayoy: What is your position on the new guild system we will be applying?
(09/11 23:15:24) KL/\RREN sieht Farben..... uberall....
(09/11 23:15:28) Lontahv: It would be nice it have your side of the story of the Tablet told Dr. Watson
(09/11 23:15:29) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, as the one who set the Bahro free, why do you think they killed Wheely? Phil mentioned she was somewhere she shouldn't have been, can you elaborate on that?
(09/11 23:15:44) Dr. Watson: I have learned a great deal while I was away, but as with many things, there is still a great deal more I have to learn.
(09/11 23:15:58) Scarlette: as do we
(09/11 23:15:59) Relayer Corps: Can you teach us what you have learned?
(09/11 23:16:00) Dakro: What have you learned?
(09/11 23:16:09) Trevor1013: You set the Bahro free Mr Watson?
(09/11 23:16:10) Whilyam: Let him speak, guys.
(09/11 23:16:15) Selee Tayoy: Can you please publish your findings in a journal then, please
(09/11 23:16:19) Kansi: will you all let him talk please
(09/11 23:16:21) Pryftan: Shh.
(09/11 23:16:32) kyashii: Shh, let watson talk
(09/11 23:16:34) KL/\RREN says .... just wait
(09/11 23:16:36) Stephen C.: please everyone give him time to speak
(09/11 23:16:51) Dakro notices all the questions float away because everyone is shushing each other
(09/11 23:17:02) Dakro: Watson, what did you learn?
(09/11 23:17:15) Pryftan: There are plenty of questions out there. We asked that like, five times Dakro.
(09/11 23:17:28) Pryftan: Lets not shush or ask, let's listen. kthx.
(09/11 23:17:30) [ Shadow ] shakes his head
(09/11 23:17:32) KL/\RREN says : you must learn to wait.... just wait...
(09/11 23:17:34) Dr. Watson: I do not know the details of Wheely's death. I won't hazard a guess at this point.
(09/11 23:18:28) Dimitrios: great King? lol (i know , i know)
(09/11 23:18:55) Pryftan: Dimitrios if "he" referred to Dr. Watson then the great King stuff is inaccurate speculation.
(09/11 23:19:05) Junee: What are the bahro fighting about? All we know is that they have chosen differently, but it's obvious they disagree about something.
(09/11 23:19:12) Dimitrios: I know thats why i ask lol
(09/11 23:19:24) Pryftan: That's why it's irrelevant.
(09/11 23:19:24) KL/\RREN says : don't wait...... go for it :)
(09/11 23:19:25) Desert Eagle: hey... why should we be in any danger in this war? after all, we helped to free the Bahro!! shouldn't they be thankful to us?
(09/11 23:19:34) Shadotter: maybe they want revenge against teh D'ni and we're the next best thing
(09/11 23:19:38) Mister Cloak wants to ask a question...
(09/11 23:20:36) Ti'chelle: Dr. Watson. Do you know about the large stone on Minkata? And are those Bahro language symbols?
(09/11 23:20:38) Amun Aten points out that even if the Bahro don't speifically target us, when ther war spills over into this Age we will be caught in the middle of it.
(09/11 23:20:39) Kansi: if we all sit quietly maybe he will talk
(09/11 23:21:01) Dr. Watson: Some have chosen to use their freedom to take revenge. Other bahro have chosen to defend us.
(09/11 23:21:04) Lontahv: If you relesed the Bahro Dr. Watson, would that mean you have some authority over them?
(09/11 23:21:30) Jade_Dragon: Watson, is there anything else that we should know?.. if not than we can stop asking questions
(09/11 23:21:31) Scarlette: gosh i hope not lontahv
(09/11 23:21:31) Relayer Corps: Dr. Watson, was there something specific you wanted to tell us, or are we just stopping you from looking around?
(09/11 23:21:35) Pryftan: But why do we need defending, Dr. Watson? according to Phil, it was through ours and your actions that the Bahro were freed.
(09/11 23:21:39) Rose: Why would they want to defend us, Dr Watson?
(09/11 23:21:39) kyashii: Dr. Watson, not to be too random, but where did you get that Myst hat? It's awesome! :)
(09/11 23:21:41) Dr. Watson: many of them are thankful. Or they likely wouldn't be protecting us.
(09/11 23:21:47) Janine: Dr. Watson, do they want revenge against us??
(09/11 23:22:07) Mister Cloak wants to ask a question...
(09/11 23:22:09) daht is glad friendly bahro inhabit the cavern
(09/11 23:22:09) Selee Tayoy: Are the D'ni survivors in danger since the bahro war is going on in Releeshahn?
(09/11 23:22:20) Dr. Watson: I have no authority over them. That was kinda the point of setting them free.
(09/11 23:22:23) Desert Eagle: but they can't possibly take revenge agains us, since we did nothing to them!
(09/11 23:22:23) Pryftan: So the other faction blames us for enslavement at the hands of the D'ni?
(09/11 23:22:32) Veralun: Dr Watson, why are some angry?
(09/11 23:22:42) Dimitrios: Free from whom Dr Watson???
(09/11 23:23:02) ireenquench: I dont understand why their revenge would be directed at us, unless they saw us as tied to the Dni. Do they consider us D'ni?
(09/11 23:23:03) Dr. Watson: I don't know that the other faction cares much who they hurt.
(09/11 23:23:21) Scarlette: ah
(09/11 23:23:26) KhyronJinn is writing all this down
(09/11 23:23:33) daht: that's interesting...
(09/11 23:23:37) Stephen C.: Well we kinda look like d'ni so they may think we are d'ni
(09/11 23:23:55) Selee Tayoy: Please, Are the D'ni survivors in danger?
(09/11 23:24:06) Ti'chelle: Can we learn the Bahro language? Is the Minkata stone symbols of their language?
(09/11 23:24:18) Junee: Maybe they think this is one of their rightful homes and that we are invading?
(09/11 23:24:19) Wiijon: Dr. Watson please tell us you have the Anonany book under tthat blue vest.
(09/11 23:24:24) Rabenschwinge: If we could talk to them... could they be convinced were meaning no harm to them?
(09/11 23:24:28) Jade_Dragon: Q@A sessions are getting old... we'll get all the info weather we do this or not
(09/11 23:24:36) Mister Cloak: what were the reactions from the survivors on Releeshan when they learned the Bahro had been freed?
(09/11 23:24:41) Dimitrios: do you know who enslave them?
(09/11 23:24:41) Dr. Watson: Yes, Selee, there is danger in many Ages.
(09/11 23:25:08) Lontahv: Which ages are the safest Dr. Watson?
(09/11 23:25:12) Scarlette: Is there danger here, as Douglas has implied?
(09/11 23:25:25) Amun Aten would assume NO age is perfectly safe.
(09/11 23:25:28) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, is there anything we can do to try and be ready, or we entirely at the mercy of the good Bahro?
(09/11 23:25:31) Thend: Dr Watson, I like having control over my own protection, plus I totally don't like seeing our community in mortal danger. Why would you suggest we stay? Why exactly should we stay here?
(09/11 23:25:36) paul147: Whats going on?
(09/11 23:25:37) Clarissa: if the bahro want revenge - surely it would be the D'ni survivors they would target first?
(09/11 23:25:41) paul147: I got a question
(09/11 23:25:43) paul147: Dr watson
(09/11 23:25:44) kyashii: dr. Watson, have you been to MYST here in uru?
(09/11 23:25:47) Dr. Watson: I don't know that any Ages are safe.
(09/11 23:25:51) Rabenschwinge: Thend, no one told us to stay here...
(09/11 23:25:58) Dakro: Take it easy guys.... a few questions at a time, eh?
(09/11 23:26:03) Relayer Corps: Should we leave the cavern?
(09/11 23:26:14) paul147: Are we getting more content in this episode
(09/11 23:26:18) paul147: Or is this it :(
(09/11 23:26:20) Relayer Corps: If we're not safe, should we leave?
(09/11 23:26:24) Shadotter: Is the surface really any safer?
(09/11 23:26:35) Jade_Dragon: no new age paul... depressing isnt it?
(09/11 23:26:37) Whilyam: enough OOC questions
(09/11 23:26:44) Selee Tayoy: Yes, is the Surface safe?
(09/11 23:26:45) Dr. Watson: that is a question you'll have to determine for yourselves.
(09/11 23:26:56) kyashii: OOC?
(09/11 23:27:01) kyashii: Wah?
(09/11 23:27:02) Jade_Dragon: out of cavern
(09/11 23:27:04) Trevor1013: Out Of Character
(09/11 23:27:04) kyashii: Ah
(09/11 23:27:05) Dakro: I know you all wanna ask questions at once, but maybe when somebody asked you should trying waiting for an answer
(09/11 23:27:06) Relayer Corps: If we do, will they stop here, or go to the surface
(09/11 23:27:06) Dr. Watson: I can't make that call for you.
(09/11 23:27:09) KhyronJinn: Out of Cavern/Character
(09/11 23:27:12) Scarlette: What do you suggest?
(09/11 23:27:16) Dimitrios: dr Watson i ask you a very important question.You free the bahro.Do you know from whom?
(09/11 23:27:17) paul147: Yes i think you need to plan the episodes
(09/11 23:27:18) Amun Aten wonders (yes or no) WILL Yeesha ever return to D'ni (09/11 23:27:25) Shadotter: from the D'ni
(09/11 23:27:26) Mister Cloak wants to ask a question...
(09/11 23:27:31) Pryftan: Dimitrios play Myst V...
(09/11 23:27:38) Dimitrios: I played 5 times
(09/11 23:27:45) Pryftan: Then you should know
(09/11 23:27:46) Grigori: Dr. Watson, do you trust Cate?
(09/11 23:27:50) Trevor1013: If Myst 5 was true, then apparently from the tablet
(09/11 23:27:51) Desert Eagle: the D'ni enslaved the Bahro
(09/11 23:28:00) Dimitrios: It is not historical fact the myst 5
(09/11 23:28:06) paul147: Dr watson
(09/11 23:28:07) Trevor1013 Thinks the relayers should moderate
(09/11 23:28:14) Pryftan: It's based on Dr/ Watson's travels
(09/11 23:28:15) paul147: Is it true about age creation tools?
(09/11 23:28:18) Veralun: Dr Watson can we as explorers and community this place safer?
(09/11 23:28:21) Dr. Watson: The Bahro can link to the surface as easily as here. Why would it be safer?
(09/11 23:28:22) Selee Tayoy: How do you feel about Cate
(09/11 23:28:25) Thend: Dr Watson, is there then an integral reason we SHOULD be involved in this? Are we D'ni? Do we put the Bahro in danger if we have the potential of learning the Art of Writing?
(09/11 23:28:26) Pryftan: Paul that's not his thing
(09/11 23:28:27) Dimitrios: Then he can answer
(09/11 23:28:30) Rabenschwinge: paul147, you wont get answers to ooc-questions here.
(09/11 23:28:34) Pryftan: That's entirely explorer driven
(09/11 23:28:36) Rose: uh, oh
(09/11 23:28:40) Relayer Corps: Trevor, we would if Dr. Watson tells us he wants one. Otherwise, we will not interfer
(09/11 23:28:47) Thend: Dr Watson, we should would have a fighting chance on the Surface, I know that more than here
(09/11 23:29:04) Trevor1013: Oh, I wasn't blaming you! :(
(09/11 23:29:11) paul147: I think we should have acsess to more areas
(09/11 23:29:29) Dakro: I don't think that's watson's decision....
(09/11 23:29:29) Pryftan: Good for you paul, go talk to someone actually on the council
(09/11 23:29:31) Trevor1013: You relayers rock!
(09/11 23:29:40) Amun Aten tells paul147 to look up "budget" and note that Cyan has a very small one...
(09/11 23:29:43) Scarlette wants to hear more about what Dr. Watson has learned about the bahro, and sits quiestly.
(09/11 23:29:45) Xanos: Dr. Watson, are there any non-Bahro helping the violent side?
(09/11 23:29:45) Mister Cloak: what were the reactions of the survivors on Releeshan when they learned that the Bahro had been freed?
(09/11 23:29:47) Lontahv: Have regular people on the surface seen Bahro?
(09/11 23:29:48) Relayer Corps: thanks Trevor
(09/11 23:29:54) Trevor1013: NP
(09/11 23:29:56) Dr. Watson: I have been many places, Nonphat.
(09/11 23:30:10) paul147: Hopefully the bahoros will show up more
(09/11 23:30:12) Relayer Corps: Can we go to those places?
(09/11 23:30:16) Dakro is curious to hear the answer to Xano's question....
(09/11 23:30:24) Desert Eagle: like? (let's hear some age names here :P)
(09/11 23:30:36) Selee Tayoy: Please Dr. Watson publish your findings in a journal so we know what you know.
(09/11 23:30:46) Trevor1013: Have you spoken to Phil?
(09/11 23:30:48) Pryftan: Dr. Watson.. I know there's a thick haze of nonsense in this room, but please, we really could use any insight on the Bahro you can share with us.
(09/11 23:30:50) Dimitrios is curius to hear the answer to Xanos too
(09/11 23:30:57) Desert Eagle: Selee's idea is a good one
(09/11 23:31:17) Lontahv: I like it too.
(09/11 23:31:19) Dr. Watson: Not that I know of, Xanos, but I can't rule out the possibility entirely.
(09/11 23:31:21) Mister Cloak: I agree with Salee's idea as well
(09/11 23:31:34) paul147: And me
(09/11 23:31:49) AtionSong: Seconded
(09/11 23:32:16) Songe: Thirded
(09/11 23:32:27) Jade_Dragon: fouthed
(09/11 23:32:28) Clarissa: Dr Watson, what is Atrus' view on the Bahro?
(09/11 23:32:31) Dimitrios: Vote me
(09/11 23:32:40) Trevor1013: Do you know if Escher actually exisits, and if so, do you think he may be a part of this?
(09/11 23:32:48) Thend nods his head
(09/11 23:32:48) Dr. Watson: Atrus wanted them to be free.
(09/11 23:33:14) Clarissa: But is he not now in danger?
(09/11 23:33:26) paul147: Are the sparklies that have been missed re catchable?
(09/11 23:33:29) Pryftan: The D'ni survivor Esher was based on existed, but is gone now. We don't know where.
(09/11 23:33:32) Selee Tayoy: Did atrus attempt to free them before?
(09/11 23:33:33) paul147: Can you get them another time
(09/11 23:33:36) Dr. Watson: Yes, Esher exists(ed?) but has not been heard from since the Bahro were freed.
(09/11 23:33:51) Desert Eagle: have you met Esher, then?
(09/11 23:33:52) Dakro breathes a sigh of relief
(09/11 23:34:00) paul147: Dr watson
(09/11 23:34:08) AtionSong: Do the D'ni in Releeshahn still like to be called D'ni, or do they have a new name now, like...Releshah'ni?
(09/11 23:34:09) paul147: Can you get sparklies a different tim
(09/11 23:34:12) Pryftan: I'm assuming Esher was taken away by the Bahro as in the end of Myst V..
(09/11 23:34:14) Dimitrios: With that name? Esher?
(09/11 23:34:14) paul147: Because i have missed a few
(09/11 23:34:37) Shadotter: probably next year
(09/11 23:34:39) Trevor1013 Agrees with Pryftan
(09/11 23:34:57) AtionSong: What is the explanation for the sparklies? Are they placed by Yeesha, or some larger force?
(09/11 23:34:59) Whilyam: Phil is on... await nonsense! ;)
(09/11 23:35:00) Dakro: What's Atrus's involvment in the war?
(09/11 23:35:02) Selee Tayoy: Phil has logged on
(09/11 23:35:14) Amun Aten thinks the Sasquatch puts them there. (09/11 23:35:15) Saavadro: Is this Esher character the D'ni that Sharper, according to his journal, found in Noloben?
(09/11 23:35:23) paul147: Dr watson are they re gainable?
(09/11 23:35:31) Dakro: no paul
(09/11 23:35:34) janaba: he IS on
(09/11 23:35:39) Trevor1013: He's not on on my KI?
(09/11 23:35:47) Hamsta: HE is on
(09/11 23:35:55) janaba: but in the Buddies
(09/11 23:35:56) Selee Tayoy: I'm sorry but paul you are too funny
(09/11 23:35:59) Shadotter: Do yo0u think using the snake symbol would be a good idea as a defensive measure?
(09/11 23:36:01) Puck: It says he's in Teledahn
(09/11 23:36:02) paul147: Ok sorry everyone
(09/11 23:36:05) Ewilan: mine either. ki are buggy buggy
(09/11 23:36:14) paul147: I ddnt know
(09/11 23:36:22) Trevor1013: Maybe he's oging to his relto
(09/11 23:36:23) KhyronJinn: Teledahn... is he going to his relto?
(09/11 23:36:28) Dimitrios: does Phens has a relto book on him this time?Or it is in the spyroom?
(09/11 23:36:43) Dakro: he does
(09/11 23:36:49) Emor D'ni Lap: let's all talk about our KIs and P Hend now...
(09/11 23:36:52) Dakro: just not the same one
(09/11 23:36:53) janaba: Teledahn...there he is right now
(09/11 23:36:58) AtionSong: Dr. Watson, are you still listeing? Just being a little quiet?
(09/11 23:37:06) Finn Dove: Dr. Watson, has anyone asked you yet what you think of Cate?
(09/11 23:37:10) Dr. Watson: I don't think the snake symbol will be of much help now.
(09/11 23:37:11) Scarlette wants to ask a question...
(09/11 23:37:11) Dimitrios: thank god
(09/11 23:37:19) Kansi: thats because we are all talking
(09/11 23:37:37) KhyronJinn: Sorry, Dr. Watson
(09/11 23:37:38) AtionSong: What do you think, if threatened by a Bahro, we should do?
(09/11 23:37:39) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, if the Bahro are free, does that mean the symbols have no power over them any longer?
(09/11 23:37:55) Thend: Good question Pryftan
(09/11 23:38:18) paul147: Lol
(09/11 23:38:57) paul147: Dr watson
(09/11 23:39:03) paul147: Is there danger in mikita?
(09/11 23:39:15) Desert Eagle: there's danger in all ages.
(09/11 23:39:20) Dr. Watson: they are no longer obligated to obey the symbols. Some still choose to, but its their individual choice.
(09/11 23:39:24) paul147: Including relto?
(09/11 23:39:34) Scarlette: Dr. Watson, we are all hoping you can give us some direction and clarification as to the choices the explorers need to make? Any information you can give us about your experience will help! :D
(09/11 23:39:35) Whilyam: Yes.
(09/11 23:39:50) paul147: Spy room
(09/11 23:39:50) janaba: he's in his Relto now...Phil is
(09/11 23:39:53) Amun Aten repeats ALL AGES (09/11 23:40:00) Selee Tayoy: I greatly appreciate this time you are taking to come visit us and answer questions, thank you.
(09/11 23:40:01) Junee: Dr. Watson, do you know what the D'ni thinks about us being here and uncovering all their old stuff? Wouldn't they feel that the Ages belong to them?
(09/11 23:40:03) janaba: Teledahn again
(09/11 23:40:23) kyashii: watson, I think Phil is coming here
(09/11 23:40:47) Dr. Watson: I am sorry if you were led to believe that I would have all the answers. I have more questions than answers myself.
(09/11 23:40:56) AtionSong: Dr, do you know what Yeesha thinks about the Bahro war?
(09/11 23:41:01) Dimitrios: dr watson how you manage to went where Atrus and the D'ni survivors are?Where is this book?
(09/11 23:41:01) Shadotter: any we could answer?
(09/11 23:41:02) Xanos: Dr. Watson, would you happen to know the identity of the person who freed the Bahro?
(09/11 23:41:12) [ Shadow ]: He did
(09/11 23:41:19) Pryftan: He did, Xanos.
(09/11 23:41:22) Veralun: please share your questions with us
(09/11 23:41:28) Rabenschwinge: Yes - Dr. Watson, do you want to ask us some questions in return? :)
(09/11 23:41:29) Xanos: ah, ok, I got here late, sorry :)
(09/11 23:41:45) Desert Eagle: hey... I have a question... who created the Tablet and the Symbols? Was it the Bahro, or the D'ni?
(09/11 23:42:02) Thend: Good question Desert
(09/11 23:42:23) Amun Aten would suspect the Ronay, long before D'ni (09/11 23:42:31) Finn Dove: Back to his relto, Phil is
(09/11 23:42:49) AtionSong: Here's a question: What question do you think we should ask, but haven't?
(09/11 23:42:49) janaba: Phil's in his Relto now
(09/11 23:42:50) Dr. Watson: I do not know who created the Tablet. Yeesha doesn't know who created the Tablet.
(09/11 23:42:53) Craig $$$$: Why does phend have a relto and a phil's relto
(09/11 23:43:31) Songe: Good question...
(09/11 23:43:35) Craig $$$$: Unlocking books why we sit here
(09/11 23:43:36) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, where is Yeesha now?
(09/11 23:43:53) Selee Tayoy: Do you think yeesha will come and visit us soon?
(09/11 23:43:59) Thend: Dr Watson, Yeesha would have the knowledge of Atrus in Terahnee, why did she think all Bahro would be 'good'? Did she intentionally mislead us to free them?
(09/11 23:44:04) Hamsta: DocWat, why are you only answering the questions that Thend finds good? ;-)
(09/11 23:44:14) Songe hates to think of the stampede then
(09/11 23:44:14) Thend laughs
(09/11 23:44:25) Selee Tayoy: What does she think of us? i ask since you said you've spoken to her
(09/11 23:44:30) Scarlette: lol good question Thend :D
(09/11 23:44:32) Pryftan: Thend, Yeesha's messages are from before the Bahro were freed by Dr. Watson
(09/11 23:44:59) Craig $$$$: This guy is borring lets go see phend
(09/11 23:45:04) Thend: Yes Pryftan, but she knew them, and knew D'ni history from her father
(09/11 23:45:14) Rabenschwinge: Craig, thats very rude.
(09/11 23:45:15) Thend: Didn't she learn anything?
(09/11 23:45:16) Dr. Watson: I do not know where Yeesha is right now. Last I saw her was a while back on Releeshahn, but she moves around a lot.
(09/11 23:45:17) Kansi: so you go craig
(09/11 23:45:21) Amun Aten is amazed at the disrespectful behavior of some explorers
(09/11 23:45:40) Craig $$$$: Dont speak for me
(09/11 23:45:53) AtionSong: Dr, I think we'd all like to know about how you got to Releeshahn and what it's like there.
(09/11 23:45:55) Kansi: i am so glad these main characters are ALIVE. Go Myst
(09/11 23:45:57) Veralun: Dr Watson, does Yeesha have a daughter?
(09/11 23:45:59) Parker Solem-Sevier (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(09/11 23:46:10) Dimitrios: how do you manage to go to Resesahn?Where we can find the book?
(09/11 23:46:25) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has no children.
(09/11 23:46:26) Pryftan: Dr. Watson will we ever have access to Releeshahn? It seems like if anybody is in the most danger, it would be them.. the last remnants of the Bahro's slavemasters.
(09/11 23:46:26) janaba: Dr. Watson, Reteltee and Sharper told us, that you could definitely give us the hints/clues we please be so kind to tell us what is important to us and guide us in this situation...they said we should listen to YOU ... :-)) thanks
(09/11 23:46:50) Veralun: thanks
(09/11 23:46:51) [ Shadow ]: Is she single? =)
(09/11 23:47:06) Amun Aten laughs
(09/11 23:47:13) Rabenschwinge: Shadow! *laughts*
(09/11 23:47:13) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 23:47:19) [ Shadow ]: heh
(09/11 23:47:19) Thend starts to laugh
(09/11 23:47:21) KhyronJinn laughs
(09/11 23:47:24) kyashii laughs
(09/11 23:47:25) Craig $$$$: Ya but shes mine
(09/11 23:47:27) Stephen C. laughs
(09/11 23:47:29) AtionSong: If Yeesha doesn't have a daughter, then what do you make of "The daughter of the daughter will live in peace"? Who does that refer to?
(09/11 23:47:32) peni is amused
(09/11 23:47:34) Selee Tayoy: What did you and yeesha talk about when you met her?
(09/11 23:47:49) Rose: Did she have a daughter? One that may have died?
(09/11 23:47:52) Dimitrios: Who murder the D'ni survivor in Myst 5.Did she tell you?
(09/11 23:48:13) Scarlette: Dr. Watson, Phil says that you said we shouldn't be here... and that you're right. Is this true?
(09/11 23:48:32) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, do you know what happened to Calam?
(09/11 23:48:41) Dimitrios: Yes Calam thanks
(09/11 23:48:53) Grigori: Dr. Watson, do you know how we can call/contact Yeesha?
(09/11 23:48:56) Thend: Is Calam alive? Is he Evil?
(09/11 23:49:32) AtionSong: I don't think you'll be able to call Yeesha. I hear that cell phones haven't really caught on in Releeshahn.
(09/11 23:49:38) darkveovis: any new about gehn?
(09/11 23:49:46) Selee Tayoy: Yeesha must know a lot of what's going on, is thia true?
(09/11 23:49:49) Grigori: lol
(09/11 23:50:07) Cavern Book Club : Phil?
(09/11 23:50:29) AtionSong: I don't think we'll hear much from Gehn, if he's still alive, unless he's figured out a way to get out of Riven, which is highly unlikely.
(09/11 23:50:34) Scarlette: Dr. Watson? Are you ok?
(09/11 23:50:44) ignacio: Verizon says EVDO covers ALL ages!
(09/11 23:50:54) KhyronJinn: lol
(09/11 23:50:57) Dimitrios: dr Watson do you know who murder Calam or you dont answer when you dont know?
(09/11 23:50:59) Dr. Watson: Scarlette - I think the current restoration effort here in the Cavern is a mistake, as I said before I left.
(09/11 23:51:13) Cavern Book Club : Nooooooo he crashed!!!!! AIIIIIIEEEe
(09/11 23:51:27) Pryftan: A mistake as in, it shouldn't be happening? Or we're going about it wrong?
(09/11 23:51:30) Rabenschwinge: What do you think should be done instead, Dr. Watson? Instead the restoration?
(09/11 23:51:34) Scarlette: So what are the other choices? We should encourage the DRC to stop?
(09/11 23:51:39) AtionSong: So do you think that we all should just leave? Forever?
(09/11 23:51:40) Selee Tayoy: What do you feel the DRC should do then if it is a mistake
(09/11 23:51:50) Nonphat: Your being awefully quiet Dr. Watson. Are you feeling alright?
(09/11 23:51:56) Songe: Cavern Book Club, now there's a cunning disguise :)
(09/11 23:52:01) Cavern Book Club : Dr. Watson, are you Definitly the ""he" phil speaks of?
(09/11 23:52:07) Rose: Shouldn't we be trying to restore the soul of D'ni, and not the structures?
(09/11 23:52:21) Explorer1: Wait for him tto answer maybe!
(09/11 23:52:32) Dr. Watson: I'm tired, Nonphat.
(09/11 23:52:45) Selee Tayoy: Isn't that what the new guilds are attempting to do, rose.
(09/11 23:53:04) Rose: I'm not so sure Selee, but i hope so
(09/11 23:53:04) Selee Tayoy: Guild were everything the d'ni stood for
(09/11 23:53:10) Cavern Book Club : I'm surprize you dindn'\t come back as some crazy yeesha type, riddle, ryming guy
(09/11 23:53:13) janaba: you're right about that effort, Dr. Watson, but we were told it wouldn't be good to leave now, nonetheless
(09/11 23:53:23) Scarlette: What can we do to help?
(09/11 23:53:32) tachzusamm: has anybody a bed for our Doctor?
(09/11 23:53:32) Nonphat: Maybe you should get some rest then and maybe come back tomorrow?
(09/11 23:53:47) Dr. Watson: I don't know, Scarlette.
(09/11 23:53:51) Illuvatar: dr. Watson, what would you suggest we exploreres do, in the context of your statement about the current restoration?
(09/11 23:53:51) janaba: good idea Nonphat
(09/11 23:53:53) Scarlette: :(
(09/11 23:54:08) Pryftan: Dr. Watson, you should get some rest before you face the crushing crowd of curious explorers..
(09/11 23:54:11) Rabenschwinge: Explorers are like Vampires.
(09/11 23:54:20) Dimitrios: Lol
(09/11 23:54:22) Pryftan: Also that.
(09/11 23:54:33) Oberon hopes Dr Watson is not being deceptive (09/11 23:54:34) Hamsta: Dr. Watson, why dont you go to the momentarily "active" DRC and tell them what to do better? I would guess that you have a whole lot of Explorers behind your ideas ;)
(09/11 23:54:45) Cavern Book Club: are you OK sir?
(09/11 23:54:49) Dr. Watson: in the words of someone wiser than I am "Find a way. Make a home."
(09/11 23:54:58) Thend: Dr Watson, Sounds like the Cavern dies either way - no Restoration and/or Bahro War. This is all we are hearing of our 'role' here
(09/11 23:55:00) Illuvatar: Thank you
(09/11 23:55:20) Scarlette nods her head
(09/11 23:55:20) kyashii thanks you
(09/11 23:55:24) Stephen C.: Bye all
(09/11 23:55:26) paul147: Back
(09/11 23:55:26) Stephen C. waves goodbye
(09/11 23:55:30) paul147: Anyone miss me
(09/11 23:55:32) paul147: Lol
(09/11 23:55:35) AtionSong: So you're saying we should make a home, but it shouldn't be in the cavern anymore...?
(09/11 23:55:41) Rabenschwinge: Hope dies last, Thend.
(09/11 23:55:52) Red Dog: Doctor Watson, I have a friend who would like to kn ow this--what about the Art? Did the freeing of the bahro mean the end of Writing Ages?
(09/11 23:55:54) Thend: If we don't die sooner Raben lol
(09/11 23:56:01) Dimitrios: That wiser woman is saying also "he will come as well".Who is he Dr Watson?
(09/11 23:56:02) Cavern Book Club: do you know anything about if yeesha will come speak to us explorers someday?
(09/11 23:56:05) paul147 is tired
(09/11 23:56:10) Cavern Book Club: anything at all?
(09/11 23:56:19) Selee Tayoy: I don't mean to be repetative but no matter how little or large the amount of info you know I feel it is best for you to give us a journal of your findings.
(09/11 23:56:34) paul147: Dr watson your not saying much
(09/11 23:56:37) Scarlette: Thank you Dr. for your time, especially being so tired!
(09/11 23:56:39) ireenquench: The problem is...many of us feel this is our second home.
(09/11 23:56:47) Desert Eagle: (oh man, I relly hope someone has been logging this since the beginning)
(09/11 23:56:51) KhyronJinn: Thank you for coming here, Doctor Watson.
(09/11 23:56:52) Dr. Watson: CBC - I can't rule that out.
(09/11 23:56:55) Dimitrios: Our first ireen
(09/11 23:56:56) Amun Aten has been logging
(09/11 23:57:03) Cavern Book Club: awww...
(09/11 23:57:03) KhyronJinn: (I have, DE. I'll give it to a greeter)
(09/11 23:57:04) Songe: cBC?
(09/11 23:57:06) kyashii: relto is my home, now and 4ever
(09/11 23:57:08) Cavern Book Club: can you ask her?
(09/11 23:57:12) Songe: Oh got it..
(09/11 23:57:15) tachzusamm: it's my 1,5th
(09/11 23:57:33) DaveRamos: wow lots of people
(09/11 23:57:40) Rabenschwinge: Thank you for being so patient with us, Sir.
(09/11 23:57:49) Selee Tayoy: Yes, thank you
(09/11 23:57:51) Dimitrios is opening a champagne cause Dr Watson is back and alive.
(09/11 23:58:00) Cavern Book Club: I am a HUGE yeesha follower, i've held bahro summonings, I only wish she would give us all a prep talk or something
(09/11 23:58:04) [ Shadow ]: I must go now, get some rest Dr. Watson great to see you, ye all
(09/11 23:58:04) DaveRamos: oh, hello Dr. Watson, welcome back!
(09/11 23:58:05) Dr. Watson: and thank you for your patience as well.
(09/11 23:58:06) KhyronJinn: Well Dr. Watson, thank you for not running in fear from the paparazzi ambush
(09/11 23:58:11) janaba thanks you very much too :-) (09/11 23:58:12) KhyronJinn: :)
(09/11 23:58:15) KhyronJinn thanks you
(09/11 23:58:16) kyashii thanks you very much!
(09/11 23:58:16) paul147: Dr watson
(09/11 23:58:22) Scarlette thanks you very much!
(09/11 23:58:23) Explorer1: Were just a bunch of information deprived explorers! lol
(09/11 23:58:25) paul147: Will you be returing in this episode?
(09/11 23:58:27) Illuvatar: Welcome back, Sir
(09/11 23:58:34) Dimitrios thank you very much
(09/11 23:58:36) Dr. Watson: Thank you.
(09/11 23:58:38) Songe claps her hands
(09/11 23:58:40) Scarlette: what's an episode paul?
(09/11 23:58:42) kyashii: Dr. Watson, what can we do to make bahro like us???
(09/11 23:58:43) Dimitrios claps his hands
(09/11 23:58:44) Dovahn: Welcome back, Dr. Watson.
(09/11 23:58:44) Cavern Book Club: Welcome back Dr.
(09/11 23:58:48) KhyronJinn: It's great that your back, Dr. Watson.
(09/11 23:58:54) KhyronJinn: Welcome back.
(09/11 23:58:54) Rabenschwinge: Yes, welcome back :)
(09/11 23:58:54) Explorer1 claps his hands
(09/11 23:58:59) Desert Eagle claps his hands
(09/11 23:59:00) KhyronJinn cheers
(09/11 23:59:00) Pryftan: Dr. Watson will you consider making a journal or something chronicling what you have learned about the Bahro?
(09/11 23:59:00) Scarlette: come back soon!!
(09/11 23:59:05) Red Dog: I guess that's a no comment then...
(09/11 23:59:05) kyashii claps his hands
(09/11 23:59:06) Grigori: We are trying to find a way Dr Watson, thank you :)
(09/11 23:59:16) Desert Eagle: yes, do hear pryftan's suggestion!
(09/11 23:59:19) Red Dog: Thank you
(09/11 23:59:19) D'n Alor claps his hands
(09/11 23:59:23) Cavern Book Club wants a Bahro friend to cuddle and hug
(09/11 23:59:27) kyashii: And away he goes
(09/11 23:59:29) Cavern Book Club claps his hands
(09/11 23:59:31) paul147 waves hello
(09/11 23:59:31) Dimitrios still cant beleive it
(09/11 23:59:31) Zamp claps his hands
(09/11 23:59:36) KhyronJinn cheers
(09/11 23:59:36) Illuvatar: Wow :)
(09/11 23:59:37) ignacio: Was it something I said?
(09/11 23:59:39) Amun Aten announces "ladies and gentlemen, RAWA has left the building!" (09/11 23:59:46) Nonphat sighs deeply
(09/11 23:59:49) Rose cheers
(09/11 23:59:50) Desert Eagle: r Watson isn't RAWA
(09/11 23:59:50) KhyronJinn: Alright, now where is Phil?
(09/11 23:59:52) Rabenschwinge: That wasnt RAWA :)
(09/11 23:59:55) Desert Eagle: *Dr
(09/12 00:00:14) Cavern Book Club: ok, well, while you're all here, any of u wanna go to "the Cavern Book club?
(09/12 00:00:15) Amun Aten corrects his context here, ok, DR> WATSON (09/12 00:00:21) janaba: Phil's gone
(09/12 00:00:23) Ewilan: phil no longeur here according to my ki
(09/12 00:00:31) KhyronJinn: Ah, ok
(09/12 00:00:31) Songe: i can't see him on my ki its knackered
(09/12 00:00:32) AtionSong: so where do we go?
(09/12 00:00:35) Desert Eagle: did phil do anything interesting?
(09/12 00:00:39) bpgisme: He when to Phil's relto ironically
(09/12 00:00:40) DaveRamos: did he have a lot to say?
(09/12 00:00:40) Cavern Book Club: we hold a wekly book club, and read the book of atrus
(09/12 00:00:43) Dimitrios: dr Watson is not RAWA???
(09/12 00:00:43) paul147: Does anyone need help woth anything?
(09/12 00:00:43) Ewilan: for me, i'm going to bed lol
(09/12 00:00:45) bpgisme: went
(09/12 00:00:45) KhyronJinn: Can I get Phil's KI number?
(09/12 00:00:58) Cavern Book Club: lol i used to think he was RAWA also
(09/12 00:01:14) Rabenschwinge: Well, we dont know if he IS played by RAWA.
(09/12 00:01:14) Dimitrios: I am almost certain about that lol
(09/12 00:01:16) Desert Eagle: Khyron, might I suggest that you post your log at the MOUL forums?
(09/12 00:01:20) Cavern Book Club: ok, to th ebook club!
(09/12 00:01:30) KhyronJinn: DE, i'll probobly give my log to a greeter
(09/12 00:01:30) paul147: Where is the book club?
(09/12 00:01:39) Hamsta: Next time, someone ask him if he worked with cyan and knows of a RAWA working there ;)
(09/12 00:01:42) Illuvatar: Phend + 0832284
(09/12 00:01:44) KhyronJinn: I live with a greeter, and he actually uses the forumns
(09/12 00:01:48) Desert Eagle: ok, pass along my suggestion to him them :P
(09/12 00:01:49) KhyronJinn: Thanks, Illuvatar
(09/12 00:01:59) Desert Eagle: right, thanls
(09/12 00:02:00) Emor D'ni Lap: Phend's Ki# is 8382284 - but I missed Watson's anyone have that please?
(09/12 00:02:02) Desert Eagle: *thanks
(09/12 00:02:02) paul147: Where is this book club?
(09/12 00:02:05) Illuvatar: Iiios incorrect
(09/12 00:02:06) paul147: I would like to go
(09/12 00:02:09) Esahc: hey y is everyone here
(09/12 00:02:18) Illuvatar: 08382284
(09/12 00:02:18) Desert Eagle: Book Club Bevin, i'd tyhink
(09/12 00:02:25) Rabenschwinge: Esahc, youre a little late :) Watson just left the building
(09/12 00:02:29) Explorer1: Watson doesn't register. Is it normal?
(09/12 00:02:33) Desert Eagle: or Cavern Book Club Bevin, actually
(09/12 00:02:36) janaba: 9593783
(09/12 00:02:42) Emor D'ni Lap: Thanks
(09/12 00:02:55) Player added.
(09/12 00:02:56) janaba: yw :-)
(09/12 00:02:59) Explorer1: As a buddy I mean
(09/12 00:03:04) KhyronJinn: Thanks all
(09/12 00:03:07) ...Chat.log stopped.