Reference:2007-09-11 Dr. Watson returns to the Cavern

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In the early morning of September 11, Dr. Watson returns to the Cavern amid the events of Deception and reveals a wide variety of information to gathered explorers.

(09/11 07:21:18) Chat.log started...
(09/11 07:21:27) Dr. Watson: Yes, Skotte. I've heard some of it.
(09/11 07:21:52) Dr. Watson: Mind if I continue collecting my Nexus links?
(09/11 07:21:57) Skotte: may i ask, in what capacity you return to us?
(09/11 07:22:01) IBnetweasel: Sure
(09/11 07:22:05) Grieyls: Hi Dr Watson, so good to see you
(09/11 07:22:05) D'ja vu: I need to do the same
(09/11 07:22:12) IBnetweasel: Welcome back!
(09/11 07:22:14) D'ja vu: Have a g'evening Dr.
(09/11 07:22:19) Skotte: oh, sorry :) don't let us interupt you :)
(09/11 07:22:22) Dr. Watson: Michael Engberg came to find me.
(09/11 07:22:33) BlueArrow: Where were you?
(09/11 07:22:40) Meg: i'm assuming he was taking a break
(09/11 07:22:40) Dr. Watson: And find me he did.
(09/11 07:22:43) Grieyls: Oh really?
(09/11 07:23:22) Grieyls: So where were you?
(09/11 07:23:24) Skotte: Mr Engberg? did he indicate what he wanted you fFor?
(09/11 07:23:29) Dr. Watson: As for what I will do, that remains to be seen, really.
(09/11 07:23:30) Skotte: help with the bahro situation?
(09/11 07:23:40) D'ja vu: And find you he did ay? Hope it wasn't too embarassing.
(09/11 07:23:56) Meg: we're you playing WOW? ;)
(09/11 07:24:01) Grieyls: lol
(09/11 07:24:04) D'ja vu: LOL
(09/11 07:24:49) BlueArrow: lol
(09/11 07:24:49) Dr. Watson: Hello, Meg.
(09/11 07:24:56) Grieyls: How is Engberg by the way? Is he ok?
(09/11 07:25:00) Skotte: oh .. wher are my manners
(09/11 07:25:03) Skotte: !Shorah
(09/11 07:25:18) Skotte: i dont think anyone has **properly** greeted you
(09/11 07:25:19) Dr. Watson: Yes, I believe he is.
(09/11 07:25:22) IBnetweasel: Yes...we were concerned about Engberg after the events concerning his was sad
(09/11 07:25:30) Grieyls: Oh that's good to hear
(09/11 07:25:32) Dr. Watson: Very sad, indeed
(09/11 07:25:46) Grieyls: Yes we all felt for him
(09/11 07:25:58) Dr. Watson: There is a great deal of sadness.
(09/11 07:26:26) Skotte: are you planning on hanging around fFor a bit? would you like a moderator?
(09/11 07:26:27) Grieyls: As with any loss of that nature
(09/11 07:26:38) Skotte: since you seem to be attracting an audience and all
(09/11 07:26:42) Dr. Watson: A moderator?
(09/11 07:26:47) BlueArrow: What is your current relationship with Mr. Henderson lately?
(09/11 07:26:57) Meg: what, like mike reynolds?
(09/11 07:27:00) Dr. Watson: Ah.
(09/11 07:27:21) Skotte: ah, instead of everyone tugging on your ear in a dozen directoipns, a moderator would help sort of fFunnel questions.
(09/11 07:27:35) Dr. Watson: I have spent a great deal of time with Phil Henderson these last few years.
(09/11 07:27:37) Skotte: if you'd like. or not.
(09/11 07:27:53) Meg: the dude abides...
(09/11 07:27:53) Grieyls: That so, what have you two been up to?
(09/11 07:28:47) Dr. Watson: That's a long story, Greiyls.
(09/11 07:28:49) BlueArrow: Do you have any clue who "he" is that phend keeps mentioning?
(09/11 07:29:03) Grieyls: Well can you give us the readers digest version?
(09/11 07:29:37) Dr. Watson: I'd hazard to guess the "he" was likely "me"
(09/11 07:29:41) Skotte: or in lieu of that, have you learned any new D'ni words you can impart on us? :)
(09/11 07:29:50) Grieyls: We were hoping that
(09/11 07:29:51) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:29:59) Meg: mwuhaha..the convergence of nightowls upon the visitor
(09/11 07:29:59) D'ja vu: People, it's late. Let's respect the Dr. and let him gather his links.
(09/11 07:30:07) Timbo: We're full of questions, Doctor Watson. A lot's been happening in the last few months, you're going to get bombarded by people asking for information
(09/11 07:30:31) Dr. Watson: I'm sure you're right, Timbo.
(09/11 07:30:37) Meg: ./cackle
(09/11 07:31:04) Meg: i'm content to just stand here and stare at him
(09/11 07:31:08) Grieyls: So many question, I hardly know where to start
(09/11 07:31:14) Skotte: here's an interesting question fFor you. are you aware of any ages which the D'ni have never set fFoot in?
(09/11 07:31:16) Dr. Watson smiles.
(09/11 07:31:24) Dr. Watson: You're too kind, Meg.
(09/11 07:31:33) Timbo: Have you been aware of what's been going on in the cavern? Events like Wheely's death? Or have you been... out of touch?
(09/11 07:31:33) Meg: i'm easily entertained
(09/11 07:31:43) Dr. Watson: There are many, Skotte.
(09/11 07:31:55) Dr. Watson: More Ages that they haven't been to than that they have.
(09/11 07:32:11) Skotte: wow
(09/11 07:32:16) Skotte: i had no idea
(09/11 07:32:25) Meg: isn't earth a d'ni creation of sorts?
(09/11 07:32:27) Dr. Watson: I was not aware until Michael came.
(09/11 07:32:43) Grieyls: The multiverse in infinite its size
(09/11 07:32:49) Dr. Watson: We've had our own struggles to deal with.
(09/11 07:33:02) Grieyls: What sort of struggles?
(09/11 07:33:14) Meg: it all ties in with m-theory and multiple universes.
(09/11 07:33:43) Meg: uh, i just wrote that before reading the multiverse remark. creepy
(09/11 07:33:52) Dr. Watson: Meg, That's a long topic for another time. The answer depends on your perspective.
(09/11 07:34:18) Grieyls: As with most things
(09/11 07:34:27) Meg: i bet that's what "lost" is about :P
(09/11 07:34:38) D'ja vu: Hope Michael is doing ok.
(09/11 07:35:00) Grieyls: Do you know where Engberg is Dr Watson?
(09/11 07:35:00) Dr. Watson: Most recently, the Bahro conflict, Grieyls.
(09/11 07:35:16) Dr. Watson: At the moment, no. He's around here somewhere.
(09/11 07:35:17) Skotte: i'm a bit concerned about phil, myself. i can never tell if he's in trouble, or just a bit loopy as ever
(09/11 07:35:19) Grieyls: I see, yeah that has many concerend
(09/11 07:35:53) Dr. Watson: Their conflict spans hundreds of Ages.
(09/11 07:35:57) Timbo: Wow...
(09/11 07:36:07) Grieyls: Now that is surprising
(09/11 07:36:20) Timbo: Are we in any danger down here?
(09/11 07:36:24) Meg: well, i gotta tell you, dr's great to see you back
(09/11 07:36:36) Dr. Watson: Thank you, Meg.
(09/11 07:36:46) Timbo: I would assume we are, but you obviously know a lot more than any of us about it
(09/11 07:37:22) Dr. Watson: For now, we are protected here.
(09/11 07:37:24) Meg: i remember feeling crushed a few years back, as i'm sure you guys felt too. now here we all are again :D
(09/11 07:37:36) Dr. Watson: That may not always be the case.
(09/11 07:37:45) Grieyls: Is one faction of the Bahro watching over us?
(09/11 07:38:25) Skotte: some have suggested the new guilds may be a vehicle fFor change. strength.
(09/11 07:38:40) Dr. Watson: Indeed, Meg. I was devastated. But that's life, I suppose. You try to deal with whatever comes up and move on.
(09/11 07:38:40) Skotte: others have suggested the new guilds are DRC hubris.
(09/11 07:38:49) Skotte: what do you think of the matter, Mr Watson?
(09/11 07:38:59) D'ja vu nods her head
(09/11 07:39:16) Meg: life is thick and weird and wonderful. here's tom with the weather :)
(09/11 07:39:19) zreyasa: welcome back, Dr. Watson.
(09/11 07:39:56) Dr. Watson: Guilds are fine, in and of themselves. They provided D'ni with stability to last for nearly 10,000 years here in the Cavern...
(09/11 07:40:21) Dr. Watson: And who knows how many thousands of years before that.
(09/11 07:41:19) Meg: *cricket cricket*
(09/11 07:41:46) Prime: their anything we can do to help the aid...etc.
(09/11 07:41:50) Skotte: Dr. watson is a very wise man :) he carefully dodges the question :)
(09/11 07:42:22) IBnetweasel: I am just glad to see you back, Dr. is good to know that you, Phil, and Michael are all OK
(09/11 07:42:30) Dr. Watson: It all just depends on the people involved. (sorry, just choosing my words carefully.)
(09/11 07:42:36) zreyasa: yes, it is
(09/11 07:42:39) D'ja vu agrees with IB
(09/11 07:42:41) Skotte: no worries :)
(09/11 07:42:51) Timbo: Doctor Watson, is Yeesha involved in this conflict? Have you met her?
(09/11 07:42:53) BlueArrow: Dr. i have a question for you, what do you think about the mentions of impending doom upon the cavern
(09/11 07:42:55) Grieyls: Dr Watson, can you shed any light on this colour business Phil has been going on about?
(09/11 07:42:59) zreyasa: Dr. Watson IS Phil okay?
(09/11 07:43:07) BlueArrow: whoooaaaa questions
(09/11 07:43:21) D'ja vu: lol
(09/11 07:43:22) Grieyls: Woah, the question pummeling begins :P
(09/11 07:43:23) Skotte: the guilds seem to be entrenched with politics. it's hard to say anything about them and not get caught up in it.
(09/11 07:43:26) Dr. Watson: Colour business? What's he been saying?
(09/11 07:43:28) Skotte: so, i understand :)
(09/11 07:43:43) Grieyls: Not sure myself, something about the colour blue
(09/11 07:43:56) Meg: well..phil has been sounding sort of...stoned
(09/11 07:44:01) Prime: It's dificult to descibe what phil has been saying...he is still very....incoherent.
(09/11 07:44:04) Meg: he says "man" a lot
(09/11 07:44:08) Dr. Watson: Hmm, I'm not sure what he's refering to.
(09/11 07:44:29) Grieyls: Oh well, thank anyway
(09/11 07:44:39) zreyasa: he has been speaking tangentally....very cryptic....almost not lucid - going on about the color blue...
(09/11 07:44:43) Meg: oh-and he's writing in blue
(09/11 07:44:59) Meg: blue is a fantastic color
(09/11 07:45:17) Prime: Phils mind seems to he knows something important but can't properly articulate it.
(09/11 07:45:17) Dr. Watson: Phil is Phil. His time alone with the Bahro haven't helped his social skills.
(09/11 07:45:24) Grieyls starts to laugh
(09/11 07:45:25) Prime: lol
(09/11 07:45:29) Prime starts to laugh
(09/11 07:45:31) zreyasa: nods.
(09/11 07:45:35) Timbo: It sure must have been... interesting
(09/11 07:46:06) Dr. Watson: But that may be why they
(09/11 07:46:11) zreyasa: tell us of your experiences, Dr. Watson
(09/11 07:46:12) Dr. Watson: get along so well.
(09/11 07:46:13) BlueArrow: Haha really all this time i thought it was the shrooms on teledahn =p
(09/11 07:46:19) D'ja vu: maybe we just need to learn how to listen better for Phils comments to make sense
(09/11 07:46:20) Skotte: say, did you hear about the bahro invasion some weeks ago? they were seen more or less everywhere in the city, enganging people all over
(09/11 07:46:27) Meg: lol
(09/11 07:46:38) Skotte: i don't know that has ever rreally happened before
(09/11 07:46:51) Dr. Watson: That may be true, D'ja vu.
(09/11 07:47:26) Grieyls: I try, but alas I'm not loopy enough... Just kidding
(09/11 07:47:38) IBnetweasel: heh
(09/11 07:47:46) DunnyDave: hi!
(09/11 07:47:48) Meg: a-ha. maybe phil was talking in code
(09/11 07:47:53) IBnetweasel: helloe Dave
(09/11 07:48:06) D'ja vu: yeah, the bahro were all over the library and was wild
(09/11 07:48:11) Skotte: Oh, here's an interesting tidbit I caught wind of...
(09/11 07:48:14) DunnyDave: sorry abt last night
(09/11 07:48:38) Dr. Watson: They are still around. You get used to it after a while.
(09/11 07:48:42) Skotte: some people have come to the interesting observation that "bahro" is a word which simply means "beast people"
(09/11 07:48:58) Prime: Doctor...are you planning to rejoin the DRC...your experience, training, and insigt would be invaluable.
(09/11 07:49:06) Skotte: so there is some initiative to start calling them a more decent respectable name "Vakhro". linking people.
(09/11 07:49:10) Meg: but it's also close to "bardo", in between place
(09/11 07:49:18) Timbo: It's the name the D'ni gave them. I assume that's why Yeesha refers to them as 'the least'
(09/11 07:49:22) Timbo: More polite
(09/11 07:49:35) Dr. Watson: I have a great deal to think about on that subject, Prime. I have made no decisions or commitments yet.
(09/11 07:49:49) Meg: "please's the preferred nomenclature"
(09/11 07:50:10) Timbo: Things in the DRC and the cavern have changed a lot since you left, Doctor Watson
(09/11 07:50:12) Prime: How about zeno sapin..."strange wise"?
(09/11 07:50:16) Skotte: fFrom an academic standpoint, Dr watson, what do you think of this?
(09/11 07:50:30) Skotte: speaking as one of the world's fForemost authorities and all
(09/11 07:50:33) Dr. Watson: They are not offended by "Bahro".
(09/11 07:50:45) Grieyls: That's good to know
(09/11 07:50:52) Skotte: that is good to know
(09/11 07:51:03) Prime: Though I must might be scientifically acurate to call the bahro doesn't exactly roll off the tounge
(09/11 07:51:19) zreyasa: they understand outr language, Dr. Watson?
(09/11 07:51:31) Prime: good to know
(09/11 07:51:49) BlueArrow: totally unrelated dr., but would you rather call a neighborhood a neighborhood or a bevin
(09/11 07:51:56) Dr. Watson: It varies by individual.
(09/11 07:52:03) BlueArrow: Yes i win!
(09/11 07:52:16) D'ja vu: lol
(09/11 07:52:19) Grieyls: But by that you mean some of them do understand us, yes?
(09/11 07:52:21) Dr. Watson: They pick up on emotion very well, though.
(09/11 07:52:39) Grieyls: That's a handy thing to know
(09/11 07:52:46) Skotte: ahh, so it is the intent of the words, not the ancient sublime meaning the words may have had previously
(09/11 07:52:55) BlueArrow: Hmmm so if you know your scared, they can tell
(09/11 07:53:08) Timbo: You've comunicated with them, then, Doctor?
(09/11 07:53:33) Dr. Watson: Some of them seem to understand some words very well, others not so much.
(09/11 07:53:51) Meg: maybe they're a little bit telepathic? empaths?
(09/11 07:53:58) Grieyls: I see, very good
(09/11 07:54:13) Dr. Watson: I have tried with varying degrees of success, yes, Timbo.
(09/11 07:54:27) zreyasa: Thank you, Dr. Watson. Very helpful
(09/11 07:53:21) Dr. Watson: Yeesha has no problem communicating with them. I still have a hard time.
(09/11 07:53:23) Grieyls: Empath would be the right word if they can know our emotions
(09/11 07:53:41) Grieyls: So you've seen Yeesha recently?
(09/11 07:53:45) Timbo: Lots of explorers have been attempting comunication of their own, but we have no idea what success, if any, they've had
(09/11 07:54:32) Dr. Watson: I have spent quite a bit of time with Yeesha over the years. When sh'es been available.
(09/11 07:54:52) Grieyls: Oh that's so wonderful
(09/11 07:55:03) BlueArrow: Does she come to you or do you go to her?
(09/11 07:55:09) Grieyls: Can you get me her autograph?
(09/11 07:55:17) IBnetweasel: I wish the explorers and the Bahro could get to know each other routes of communication so that we can better understand each other
(09/11 07:55:22) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 07:55:26) zreyasa: lol greilys
(09/11 07:55:34) Timbo: How is Yeesha involved in the conflict?
(09/11 07:56:10) Prime: We have been told the bahro war has spilled over into releeshan...are the d'ni ok?
(09/11 07:56:24) To Prime: ask him if he's met the D'ni in Noloben
(09/11 07:56:45) Dr. Watson: She has been to many of the Ages that are much more involved in the conflict.
(09/11 07:57:08) Dr. Watson: For the moment, yes, Prime.
(09/11 07:57:36) Timbo: You've been to Releeshan too, then? Wow.
(09/11 07:57:51) Dr. Watson: Indeed.
(09/11 07:57:57) Prime: And what is the word on is my understanding that is the bahro home I can't imagine the state it is in....
(09/11 07:58:02) Meg: is it big?
(09/11 07:58:15) D'ja vu: Scuse my ignorance, but whats the conflict over anyway?
(09/11 07:58:16) Skotte: Ponderous man, really ponderous.
(09/11 07:58:16) Blue Thisbe (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute): (09/11 07:59:05) BlueArrow: there are multiple
(09/11 07:59:12) Dr. Watson: Noloben? It is one of many Ages the Bahro have lived in for who knows how long. I wouldn't say it's their "home Age", though that's always a possibility.
(09/11 07:59:24) zreyasa: Dr. Watson, will you resume journalling?
(09/11 07:59:44) Timbo: That presumes he's staying
(09/11 07:59:45) Grieyls: Well do they consider it thier home age, do you know?
(09/11 08:00:01) Skotte: and will you release more D'ni words?
(09/11 08:00:12) Skotte: sorry. i'll let it go now :)
(09/11 08:00:15) Prime: understood...that informtion did come from very....unreliable...source.
(09/11 08:00:15) Dr. Watson: It is one of the Ages with the most heavy fighting, though.
(09/11 08:00:41) Grieyls: Do you know what the issue is that they fight over?
(09/11 08:01:00) Dr. Watson: Some of them consider Noloben their home, just as some consider this their home, or any of thousands of Ages, for that matter.
(09/11 08:01:21) Grieyls: Sounds very confusing
(09/11 08:01:34) Skotte: that's almost certainly what they say about us.
(09/11 08:01:47) Ron Gerrin: Where?
(09/11 08:02:09) Prime: They must have amazing minds...I do navigate interdimensionaly....I have trouble enough with the 4 basic dimensions.
(09/11 08:02:21) Grieyls: So essentially these wars are terrortorial
(09/11 08:02:51) Prime: Why would you fight over teritory when you have infinite space?.....
(09/11 08:02:55) Skotte: arent most wars territorial?
(09/11 08:03:14) Grieyls: Most are yes, but not all
(09/11 08:03:31) Dr. Watson: Such a long story. The short version is that they were recently given the ability to choose their own destinies.
(09/11 08:03:51) Grieyls nods his head
(09/11 08:03:56) Dr. Watson: And different groups of them are making different choices with their newly-found freedom.
(09/11 08:03:56) Prime: Resources...theology...politics....economics.....some combination of the above......I hope it's not something insane like some doctrine of inherent superioriy.
(09/11 08:04:03) zreyasa: Wars are about power and control, that can manifest in many ways.
(09/11 08:04:13) Skotte: to put it in perpesective we can all appreciate: the holy land in jerusalem is a tiny strip of sand. wh would you fFight over that when there's a whole planet to fFight over?
(09/11 08:04:21) Skotte: subtle specific reasons.
(09/11 08:04:29) D'ja vu: ahhh
(09/11 08:05:24) D'ja vu: And the different choices are causing strife.
(09/11 08:05:32) Meg: i think it's the Flying Spaghetti Monster, all praise his noodleyness. R'amen
(09/11 08:05:33) Skotte: say, Dr, have you read any good books lately?
(09/11 08:06:09) Prime: I'm surprised they don't want our help though....if there is one sad fact history teaches's that humans excel in war.
(09/11 08:06:34) Prime: Maybe they just have sence enough to relize this thing will end one day.
(09/11 08:06:44) Meg: all the more reason for the aliens to steer clear of earth. yikes
(09/11 08:06:45) Dr. Watson: Indeed. Some of them are intent on revenge and destruction. Unfortunately, they have the potential for unbelievable destruction when they put their minds to it.
(09/11 08:07:14) DunnyDave: i wonder where everyone is
(09/11 08:07:14) Grieyls: That is not good to hear, hope they come to their senses
(09/11 08:07:23) zreyasa: Time for me to sleep. Thank you for your time with us this evening, Dr. Watson. Shorah.
(09/11 08:07:28) Dr. Watson: I do, too.
(09/11 08:07:29) Prime: Oh yeah....something as simple as introduce a new bacterium into an age...and oy boy.....
(09/11 08:07:51) J'on: Dr. Watson, Phil mentioned that he has visited Releeshan, have you been there also? If so, have you seen Atrus?
(09/11 08:07:52) Dr. Watson: You're welcome, Zreyasa.
(09/11 08:08:16) Dr. Watson: Yes to both questions, J'on.
(09/11 08:08:32) Grieyls: Oh cool, can I have his autograph too?
(09/11 08:08:42) Dr. Watson laughs.
(09/11 08:08:43) Timbo laughs
(09/11 08:08:44) Skotte bops grieyls
(09/11 08:08:48) Resolute Guardian starts to laugh
(09/11 08:08:54) Ron Gerrin: 9/me snerks
(09/11 08:09:00) Ron Gerrin snerks
(09/11 08:09:00) J'on: Do, you think there is any chance Atrus will ever visit the cavern?
(09/11 08:09:14) Dr. Watson: I'm going to need several pens for all your autographs, Grieyls.
(09/11 08:09:39) Prime: Poor Atrus...after all he has done and been through...the poor guy tries so hard...yet this sort of stuff keeps happening to him and his family.
(09/11 08:09:42) Grieyls: I shall suppy them for you Doctor, you can add yourself to the list as well ;)
(09/11 08:09:47) Meg: wait..does atrus know about the cavern renovations?
(09/11 08:10:06) Meg: does he know
(09/11 08:10:07) Dr. Watson: Hmm... there's always a chance, though it would be a very small one.