Reference:Achenar, stealing the lifestone

[Achenar climbs onto the broken bridge, carrying the lifestone. He is startled when he sees you.]

Wait! Please! Listen to me.

Okay, okay. It doesn't look good. I admit it, but it's not what you think! I'm just taking it for a little while. Borrowing it, so to speak.

It's the plan! Sirrus's plan. He's got Yeesha!

I just want to stop him. He's a nutcase. He's here, and— Don't let Father come here, or you'll screw up everything!

Find my journal. The one from 20 years ago. Sirrus doesn't even know that I kept one. I hid it, in a stone pillar in the forest, near where two rivers are crossing. It'll explain everything.

Sirrus is mad! He's going to kill Father, and I've got to stop him.