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D'ni text found on Aitrus's Map. A few of them are found next to numbers.

Translations (official)[edit]

Journey to the Surface[edit]

relenah bretahleeo
The Journey to the Surface
.trebigto iglahrno okh rekaligo kogloet regidtahv
With the temporary blessing of the Council we began the excavation.
.bahtsahnah met tahgen ah rerooay noref bretahleeo
This map gives the final route to the surface.
.loymaht terelin ril kodobahrelen rebishtah kodolahsahen trefilahdh teflin teeget
Though contact wasn't made the tunnel was sealed at the top in working order.

Winged Creature [1][edit]

.met boogin prin gah tromets kokenen fah terthtes mot kokenen kohooren terthbroon ahnotahm
This small winged creature was one of a group that was found in a lava tube.
.rehevo kroen gahreesen gahederen terthtes don erthchir fah
The swarm moves, eats, and sleeps as a group, as if it were a single organism.

Lizard [3][edit]

.kohooret ah met m'lah dotsahven t'fah tregahlpotee vogets tretahleeo
We found this lizard living in one of the natural caves near the surface.
.rem'lah sekhen poahnt bonooets b'rigahsen mot tornen frepradtee doreesloen remahrg melin mreprad
The lizard has highly acidic saliva, which it spits at the rocks, dissolving the rock's outer layer.
.gormot glahsen ah repoahnt tre'irvantee tregilotee gah trechirtee prin mot lereesloeet
It then drinks the saliva along with the minerals, plants, and small organisms that have been dissolved.


.rebishtah kodosayen kahgesh b'mes erth lenahokh yahrtee sen bretahleeo
The tunnel was originally designed to require a journey of three days to the surface.
.loymaht remishtahtahv robot tso rebishtah ril mahrenten resaytee kahg relenah gahth shentoen blo yahrtee sen f'toogo
Though the actual construction of the tunnel doesn't follow the original designs, the journey still takes about three days on foot.

Phosphorescent Plants [2][edit]

.met kenen erthklay stofah tregilotee bahronet kolonet
This is an example of one of the phosphorescent plants we discovered.
.tooleet chilesh zith fregahlon roob repoytee tsoidahl tooleet megoyray mreprad
They mainly grow low along the ground, but the glowing bulbs grow straight out from the rock.


.retiwah kokenen kosayen t' Telooknahvah Gahrten
The shaft was designed by Surveyors Guild Master Garten.
.komesen redoyhahtee pradteegahl tor gahro b'fahsee t'biv tregahn D'nee gahvaileetee tren b'choylahnay
It required the four greatest rock-working machines in all of the D'ni Empire and a few months to complete.

Fault Line [5][edit]

Telooknahvah Gahrten kolonen ah metidhsay chay meprad ahnotahm ahbtseeets
Surveyors Guild Master Garten discovered this fault line of magma-based basaltic rock.
.kotokituhen khregitsahth gah khresoygith okh metbishtah roo kahzeeet n'rechay
It was determined for the safety and stability of this tunnel that we would detour around the fault.

Translations (unofficial)[edit]


telook bahtsahnah [ vahgahbreeblo vahgahbreemel heegahbreelahn rishrah heegahfahsee vahgahsen ]
Surveyors Guild map 71,372,283
meD'nee bretahleeo
From D'ni to the surface
sholen te telookahm Aytruhs
drawn by Surveyors Guildsman Aitrus


More text is present on different places of the map, for which only tentative translations can be provided:

[4] dotsahven mreprad terthtes mot don erthchir
it is living from the rock in a group (which is) like an organism

[6] .vogets tretahleeo mreprad
natural at the surface of the rock

[7] .tsoidahl roob repoytee meprad
glowing but the bulbs from rock

.poahnt mot lereesloeet vahgahfah
saliva that have been dissolved six

resomahtee heegahbree
the seventeen seals