Reference:Amulet memories, Haven

Linking Chamber[edit]


[Achenar (voice-over)]
I have a few friends, they accept me, but it's not like before. Definitely not like before. Friends come and go, especially when you're moving around a lot. But here… Been living here a long time… A long time. Kind of makes you go crazy, you know. Whacko. Really out there. Cuckoo!

Bring any apples?

Yeesha's bag[edit]

[Yeesha is at the door to the Linking Chamber, slowly backing away with an expression of horror on her face. She then runs outside, tripping.]


[Yeesha recovers and continues running down the path.]

Pile of crystals[edit]

[The Linking Chamber appears intact. A sound of shattering, screeching, and then an explosion (one of Sirrus's bombs) is heard.]

Crystal under fallen rubble[edit]

[Achenar and Sirrus circle each other, arms out, ready to strike. Achenar grunts and flails his arm to scare his little brother, but fails to brake his concentration. They start to wrestle.]

Chair tram, after riding it from the South Jungle[edit]

[Replays ride from South Jungle.]


Cerpatee skeleton[edit]

A cerpatee growls, Achenar grunts, and a sound of a spear striking the cerpatee. This repeats until the cerpatee's growls seem more out of pain, and a sound of splashing into the water.

Cerpatee totem[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Intelligence. Premeditation. Stealth. Patience… I can't forget his patience.

A cerpatee growls.

Canvas sail map[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
I checked and checked for it! No sign of it here, or here! Maybe here? What's in the South Jungle?

Broken treasure chest[edit]

[Achenar is taking out his frustration on the treasure chest by hitting it with a club.]


Stuffed karnak[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Uh, uh, uh! You steal from me, you got to pay the price. Understand? Understand?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! Oh, you understand now!

Tools by trap[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
I'm the hunter, you're the hunted, not the other way around, you disappearing freak! You'll pay for this, my friend. You and every one of your stinking kind.

Sounds of Achenar sharpening a spear rapidly.

Tent fabric in tree branch[edit]

[Replays your glide into the North Jungle.]


Axe by tree stump[edit]

[The same tree is shown, except it is whole. There are sounds of an axe striking, and then a falling tree.]

[Achenar (voice-over)]

Camoudile totem[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
(panting) Last one. You can do this. Strength. Dexterity. Courage.

A camoudile growls.

Poisonous plant[edit]

(A camoudile groans)

[Achenar (voice-over)]
(laughs) Don't like it, do you, my friend? Makes you sick! Spew your guts out! I know, I know! So, let's see what happens when you get a HIGH-CALORIC DOSE OF IT FROM THE TIP OF MY SPEAR!

Sound of stabbing with a spear; the camoudile groans in pain.

Karnak Cove[edit]

Gate outside karnak cove[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Hear this? You hear it? Well, just try to get past this gate now, you thieving Karnaks! (to self) Ain't no way they'll figure out which holes to put the hammers in.

Karnak totem[edit]


View of cabin[edit]

[A view of the Lake, except without the cabin]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Seriously, how hard's it gonna be? Worst part's gonna be the foundation. Once that's in, [it's] got to be better than sleeping in the Wreck. Right?

North Jungle[edit]

Mangree trap[edit]

The trap snaps closed and a mangree screams in pain.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Oh, yeah! Keep screamin' baby! Ha ha ha!

Crossbow in hunting post[edit]

Sound of a crossbow being loaded.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
That's it... that's it. You know you want the fruit, C'mon, little guy.

Achenar fires. A mangree's scream is heard.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
That's it!


Zeftyr tracks[edit]

A zeftyr cries.

(This occurs in 3 places: Here, a stone by the totem, and under the wooden stairs to the cabin-bridge lock.)

Zeftyr totem[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Gracious. Noble. Cautious. Stupid.

[Sounds of footsteps in swamp water]

Stupidity can be a virtue, can't it?

A zeftyr screams.

Box with tube lock[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Don't care how nimble-fingered they are. They're not gonna get in while I'm away.

Lake Cabin[edit]


[Achenar (voice-over)]
(Crying) Please! I can't take it anymore! It's too late. It's too late! They're all dead! All of them!

Mangree sketch behind painting[edit]

Sounds of a pen scribbling on paper.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Ah! Why can't I get the expression right? It's something… [page turns] Something about the eyes…

Jars and paintbrushes[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
(sigh) If you could see me now, brother. Mixing up inks like the Tree-dwellers of Channelwood taught us. Remember that? Remember?

Inside binder next to cabin telescope (lift up)[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Come on. They should have had some births by now, why aren't they reproducing? Oh God! What if I killed too many females?!

South Jungle[edit]

Diagram of mangree treehouses[edit]

Noises from prototype sound wheels, which sound more like a violin.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Come on. Come on. I gotta get at least close to their tonal range if I'm ever going to be understood.

Shirt from Catherine[edit]

[Catherine (voice-over)]
It's a gift, Achenar. I made it for you. Don't you like it?

[Achenar (voice-over)]
No. No. I mean, yes. Yes! I like it! It's just… it's so soft. I almost forgot what soft feels like!

Snake-like creature[edit]

[Achenar brushes the fourth line of the the right-most part of the snake-like creature four times, from right to left. The creature comes alive, and Achenar taps on the head.]