Reference:Amulet memories, Serenia

Stone forest[edit]

Book pedestal in linking cave[edit]

[Yeesha desperately grabs for the linking Book to Tomahna, but it falls to the ground as an unseen person drags her away.]


Crate containing Achenar's journal[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
(To himself) "Let's work together," he said. "Let's figure out how to get rid of Father before he sees what we've done to his precious Books."

Sure, I'll work with you again, little brother. But I'll trust you about as far as I can throw you.

Broken water diverter[edit]

[Sirrus smashes the left-hand gear with a rock.]

Hall of Spirits[edit]

Bell rope at entrance to ceremonial alley[edit]

[Anya (voice-over)]
You're searching for Yeesha. I fear she may be in trouble, but we have not seen her since we gave her the necklace two weeks ago.

I will gather my sisters to help find her. In the meantime, you should consult the Memory Chamber. She always knows more about what's going on in this land than we do. Follow the ceremonial alley to her doors, and see what insight she has to provide.

Mosaic map of irrigation system, Hall of Spirits courtyard[edit]

[Yeesha (voice-over)]
Wow, it's so beautiful! Hey, is that supposed to be the little boy who died?

[Anya (voice-over)]
He's a lot more than that. He represents this whole area, and how everything is interconnected.

[Yeesha (voice-over)]
By water?

[Anya (voice-over)]
It is the source of all life.

Bowl of butterfly food, next to mosaic map[edit]

[Anya (voice-over)]
Yeesha used to come here every morning when she stayed with us, and spend hours feeding these butterflies. I think she appreciated them more than anyone else in her family, including Sirrus and Achenar.

I wasn't a Protector when the brothers lived here, but I gather they were more interested in the Memory Chamber and our funeral rites. As if death were something to be feared.

Hall of Spirits, Wind Spirit figure to left of door[edit]

[Raeane (voice-over)]
You must seek a Wind Guide to accompany you. Go to the stone forest, and seek him in the glades where pollen seeds cluster. The mark you now bear in you will gain his attention. Be carrying the offering that most pleases his senses, and he should agree to accompany you in Dream. There is only one such offering.

Once you have succeeded, proceed to the Memory Chamber. Zanika will be waiting for you there.

Hall of Spirits, Water Spirit figure to right of door[edit]

[Moiri (voice-over)]
You must seek a Water Guide to accompany you. Go to the stone forest, and seek him in the pools he likes to inhabit. The mark you now bear in you will gain his attention. Be carrying the offering that most pleases his senses, and he should agree to accompany you in Dream. There is only one such offering.

Once you have succeeded, proceed to the Memory Chamber. Zanika will be waiting for you there.

Hall of Spirits, Fire Spirit figure in center[edit]

[Zanika (voice-over)]
You must seek the Fire Guide. Go to the stone forest, and seek him near the smoldering stones. The mark you now have in you will gain his attention. Be carrying the offering that most pleases his senses, and he should accompany you in Dream. There is only one such offering.

When you have succeeded, proceed to the Memory Chamber. I will be awaiting you there.

Hall of Spirits, center of floor[edit]

[Anya (voice-over)]
You have done well, Yeesha. So now, in recognition of all that you have learned, and in accordance with the customs of my people, I present you this Amulet of Memories. May you always find wisdom in Dream.

Memory Chamber[edit]

Front of damaged harvester[edit]

In Serenia, the Memory Chamber stores our memories, so that future generations can still visit us in Dream. Empty globes for storing our memories are formed under water, and we gather them using the harvester. If I am unable to fix it… I must see how bad the damage is.

Oh, I was supposed to tell you, a few of my sisters have gathered in the Hall of Spirits to dream. If you go there after they've awakened, you might be able to learn more about what happened to Yeesha.

Rear of damaged harvester, body of harvester[edit]

There's an older harvester, near the Memory Chamber my ancestors used many years ago. We had to abandon that chamber because it was getting old. The pollen inside the chamber can get deadly when that happens.

Rear of damaged harvester, broken external controls[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Use their harvester? Are you crazy? What if somebody notices?

[Sirrus (voice-over)]
You think you can hold your breath long enough, go right ahead. But we can't begin the tests without at least a few empty memory globes, which only grow down there.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Fine. But you're stealing the filled ones if we need them.

Altar in front of door to new Memory Chamber[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Well, this is the most unique funeral I've ever attended.

[Sirrus (voice-over)]
Shhh! This is important! I want to see if the ceremony is somehow influencing the transfer.

Filled memory globes above heart of new Memory Chamber[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Wowwwww. You really think it's memories that make them shine so vividly like that?

[Sirrus (voice-over)]
Goodness, brother, you're starting to sound like Father already. Who cares how vividly they shine, just as long as they do what we need?

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Right. I'll bet your globe will turn out ugly as sin.

Stone above couch in new Memory Chamber[edit]

[Zanika (voice-over)]
Time seems to be against us. Fortunately, there is little I can say to prepare you for what you are about to experience. The mirror realm is different for everyone who travels there. But your guide will be waiting in his true form to meet you, and will explain what you really need to know.

Normally I would remain until you return, but, with everything that's happened today, I cannot. So, should you decide to leave Dream without getting the answers you seek, you will have to return to it later without help. In that case, just focus on the all-seeing eyes of the Ancestors, and you should be able to travel there.

Closed door of new Memory Chamber[edit]

[Anya (voice-over)]
The others have gone to alert the village. I must go inside and protect the memories. I will not allow anyone to enter until this crisis has ended.

I wish there was another way. But, in all of our dreams, the last task always fell unto you.

Root Chamber[edit]

Signal horn at dock[edit]

[Yeesha (voice-over)]
You mean you have to signal somebody every time you want to go home? Why don't you just sleep here?

[Anya (voice-over)]
Because we have families too, you know. And the ones who are still alive sleep in the village.

Altar above Root Chamber[edit]

There you are.

My sisters say you are a friend. But, if that is true, why does everything fall apart when you are here?

The lifestone is missing. Someone diverted the water course and took it out of the Root Chamber.

You are a stranger here. You cannot begin to imagine the threat this poses to my people. The Memory Chamber needs that stone to survive; it nourishes her, keeps her strong and healthy, so she can collect our memories after we die. Without it, we may never see our loved ones again.

I must alert the village. There are more stones in the southern hills, but it takes time to find them.

If you truly are a friend, you will go to the Hall of Spirits and alert my sisters. Although, if they are still traveling in Dream, they may already know.

Broken bridge between Root Chamber and old Memory Chamber[edit]

Wait! Please! Listen to me.

Okay, okay. It doesn't look good. I admit it, but it's not what you think! I'm just taking it for a little while. Borrowing it, so to speak.

It's the plan! Sirrus's plan. He's got Yeesha!

I just want to stop him. He's a nutcase. He's here, and— Don't let Father come here, or you'll screw up everything!

Find my journal. The one from 20 years ago. Sirrus doesn't even know that I kept one. I hid it, in a stone pillar in the forest, near where two rivers are crossing. It'll explain everything.

Sirrus is mad! He's going to kill Father, and I've got to stop him.

Water diverter above Root Chamber, snake lock[edit]

[The visual memory from Haven that shows how to awaken the snake-like creature plays.]

=== Empty pedestal in Root Chamber [An image of the lifestone on pedestal, before it was stolen by Achenar.]

Old Memory Chamber[edit]

Altar in front of main door to old Memory Chamber[edit]

[Sirrus (voice-
Remember, Achenar, we have to be discreet about this. The Protectors rarely come this way any more, but, if anyone sees us bringing materials inside…

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Give me some credit. I was already planning on working at night, after the Protectors have gone home.

Main door to old Memory Chamber[edit]

It's you! Thank God you've come.

Achenar's kidnapped my little sister. He says he'll kill her if I don't help him steal Serenia's treasures.

Look, I know you have no reason to trust me. You saw me blow up the harvester. But, I only did it to stop Achenar from poisoning the Memory Chamber. His confinement on Haven drove him totally insane. All he cares about now is destroying everything Father created. We have to stop him.

Go back to Tomahna and find my father; explain everything that's happened here. For some reason Achenar is terrified of Father. Maybe if you bring him here, the three of us can somehow maneuver my sick brother into a trap.

I'll try to get Yeesha away from him while you're gone.

Now go.

GO! Before it's too late.

Secret (color-puzzle) door to old Memory Chamber[edit]

Before completing Ancestor puzzle in Dream[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
You're serious? You really think someone's going to find this door after we fill the basin up with water again?

[Sirrus (voice-over)]
I think we can't afford to take any chances.

[Achenar (voice-over)]
Fine! I know how much you love coming up with those color codes of yours, so you design it. I've got other things to work on, inside.

After completing Ancestor puzzle[edit]

[Image of the unopened color medallion in Spire, followed by the vision given by the Ancestors.]

Breathing kits in tunnel under old Memory Chamber[edit]

[Achenar (voice-over)]
You can take the mask off now, little brother, trust me. The air's fine. Maybe a little stale, but the fans I put in should take care of that. Wait 'til you see what I did with the flower.