Reference:Atrus's Prayer

Atrus's Prayer was found in the 1996 Myst Calendar


unknown word
.kodokhahntor femahgenteeom
I was unknown word on your unknown word
.kodokahnrad kam lorahg kenen b'ken shin b'baykh b'totee rahnahl tso mahrntahvom
I was thinking what unknown word it is to be able to link to various places of your creation.
.doprahchizen b'zoo dho muhkhon b'tayroosh lemahrnem met misho tsahv te
It is unknown word to me how complex to unknown word you have created this universe I live in.
.gahth t'dho kenendhozonesh tayroo t' bahshtee vahtkhahgem gahth b'taygahn khezoo
Still with how it is – unknown word unknown word to five unknown word – you still choose to love for me.
.pahrkh b'shem
I unknown word to you.
.kam shin bahrtah t'gestoy rilnar b'fahsee domahdho t'pahrahthom gahhootsaythom
What able unknown word by art entirely insignificant I am unknown word by your greatness and holiness.
.votahr ah'shem khekamrovkenem
I praise you for who you are.
.g'chev ah'shem khekam l'ahrtahem gah kam boahrtahem
And I thank you for what you have unknown word and what you will unknown word.
.ken chevet oyn mor'okh'mor kokenen remesfet b'vaynuh t'khoytahg zuh tsoshem g'bortahom
I am thankful unknown word unknown word was diligent to unknown word with end unknown word about you and your unknown word.