Reference:Atrus, closing journal entries (Myst III: Exile)

If Saavedro is allowed to rejoin his family[edit]

At last I can rejoice, for Releeshahn has been returned to me unharmed. The Age I hoped would provide a new beginning still lives on. Im sure that no danger shall befall it. And as I sit here, writing in this journal, I rejoice to know that Narayan, too, is safe. The secrets of its past have been unlocked, and old wrongs have finally been righted. I know now that we can't change the past. Nor can we rewrite it, hoping to lessen our pain. The best hope for us, is to continue to learn; to take from the past only that which is good, and move on. Perhaps in the process, we will build a brighter future.

If Saavedro is left on Narayan's link-in platform[edit]

So, as I once again set my pen to the page, a heavy sorrow hangs over me. It is true that Releeshahn has been returned to me unharmed, but I can't escape the facts of its return. Nothing I can do will change the past. The anguish of the decisions that were made must be carried on with me forever. But if I had been the one to face Saavedro… if I had seen the life that my sons so calliously destroyed, would I had left him stranded without hope? Would I had sacrificed his dreams to claim my own?