Reference:Atrus, endgame (Myst IV: Revelation)

Ah, my friend. It seems I'm always thanking you. Catherine has taken Yeesha to Tay. She - she's alright, she really is a strong little girl. But, uh, she's going to need time. She loved Achenar… and Sirrus very much.

[sighs] God, this is hard. It's as if a door inside me is closed, despite everything I've done to keep it open. But in a way, maybe that's good. My sons may be gone, but my daughter is safe, and now Catherine and I can give her all the love and attention she'll need to move on with her life. Just as we must move on with ours.

Endings are just another form of beginning, I guess. The harder an end is to face, the more hope we can bring with us to the next beginning.