Reference:Atrus, letter to Yeesha

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Atrus, letter to Yeesha
Atrus letter to Yeesha.jpg
Location The Cleft
Author Atrus

Our dearest Yeesha,

Last night your mother had a dream...

We know that some futures are not cast, by writer or Maker, but the dream tells that D'ni will grow again someday. New seekers of D'ni will flow in from the desert feeling called to something they do not understand.

But the dream also tells of a desert bird with the power to weave this new D'ni's future. We fear such power - it changes people.

Yeesha, our desert bird, your search seems to take you further and further from us. I hope that what you find will bring you closer.

-Your father, Atrus

In Yeesha's handwriting, in red[edit]

I will use them to bring me the least


Now his burden is mine

What I have found must be returned