Reference:Atrus, opening voiceover (Myst III: Exile)

From Guild of Archivists

I realized as our group linked back to D'ni that we should not restore the city as we had planned. The once magnificent buildings lay in ruin, testament to the hatred that consumed them. Too many people had fallen victim to that hate, and the prejudice and greed from which it sprang. Gazing out across the cavern, I decided to write another Age. One that would help the D'ni survivors begin again, free from the tragedies of their past.

So with my wife, Catherine, supporting me, I put aside that past to write a future. More than a year has gone by since I finished writing Releeshahn. I have a new daughter, who I hope will some day link to the Age with me. And as I imagine Yeesha meeting the D'ni, those brave men and women who are building a new life for themselves, I realize I've been given another chance as well. A chance to learn from my mistakes, and leave the past behind me once and for all.